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  1. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Finally got around to scrubbing out & pressure washing the block. Started assembly with my new Edelbrock Cam, Clevite77 bearings & reinstalled the crank. Need to torque the main caps. Then check ring gaps, install rings, pistons with new clevite bearings... and so on.
  2. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Shenandoah Machine did my radius arms, drilled & tapped up a size to 1/2x13. Install went along smooth from here minus the fact the bushing sleeve in the upper trackbar mount was siezed to the bolt. Some cutting & welding required!
  3. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Sadly... no. Dropped off both arms & caps at Harman’s Machine Shop, should be ready in the morning
  4. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Today was less productive... the front has been fighting with the radius arms.
  5. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Rolled in Thursday evening, really got started today, plan to wrap up tomorrow. Rear was simplest place to start as less parts to remove... I was pleasantly surprised at how easily everything came loose. Had rear apart and assembled (minus shocks) within 1 1/2hrs. The front brought on some hassle. All 4 lower spring retaining bolts broke off with mild torque applied. We had to head up the driver’s radius arm to get it’s 4 bolts loose & I suspect passenger side will be the same. More pictures & updates to come so stay tuned!!
  6. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Truck goes under the knife to start the lift install tonight! Stay tuned!
  7. YJeXtreme


    The original post also dates back to 2012...
  8. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    New stereo for the jeep & first topless adventure of the year!
  9. YJeXtreme

    Let's get out there!

    Welcome Ted! Can’t wait to hear/see more about the build!
  10. What’s your favorite trail to take your jeep or 4x4 out to and why? Share details like location, difficulty, etc... Pics are a great bonus!!
  11. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Jeep is out of the shop for awhile, time to finish gear break-in period. Still some tweaks to be made, but love driving this ol CJ! Power Brakes & Hydraulic clutch make a great improvement!! Big thanks to Sean & John for all help & laughs!
  12. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    More progress... Traction bar is welded, need to finish burning in the axle brackets. Started the power brake conversion And got the d-shackle mounts tacked in place
  13. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Made alot of progress. Have new 1/4” Plate skid for trans/tcase from Barnes 4WD, using it to mount the traction bar shackle (Traction Bar kit also from Barnes) Also removed the RE Add-A-Leafs to lower it 1.5”w hydraulic clutch conversion is almost done & front bumper nearing completion traction bar should be done in the next day or two.
  14. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Got trans buttoned up, reinstalled, started mockup of traction bar & some progress on front bumper!
  15. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Motor waspicked up, just need to make time to start cleaning & assembly.