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  1. YJeXtreme


    The original post also dates back to 2012...
  2. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    New stereo for the jeep & first topless adventure of the year!
  3. YJeXtreme

    Let's get out there!

    Welcome Ted! Can’t wait to hear/see more about the build!
  4. What’s your favorite trail to take your jeep or 4x4 out to and why? Share details like location, difficulty, etc... Pics are a great bonus!!
  5. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Jeep is out of the shop for awhile, time to finish gear break-in period. Still some tweaks to be made, but love driving this ol CJ! Power Brakes & Hydraulic clutch make a great improvement!! Big thanks to Sean & John for all help & laughs!
  6. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    More progress... Traction bar is welded, need to finish burning in the axle brackets. Started the power brake conversion And got the d-shackle mounts tacked in place
  7. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Made alot of progress. Have new 1/4” Plate skid for trans/tcase from Barnes 4WD, using it to mount the traction bar shackle (Traction Bar kit also from Barnes) Also removed the RE Add-A-Leafs to lower it 1.5”w hydraulic clutch conversion is almost done & front bumper nearing completion traction bar should be done in the next day or two.
  8. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Got trans buttoned up, reinstalled, started mockup of traction bar & some progress on front bumper!
  9. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Motor waspicked up, just need to make time to start cleaning & assembly.
  10. YJeXtreme

    3" XJ Front coil springs

    Will Factory ZJ front coils and controls arms work?
  11. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Spoke to the machine shop today... Bores were too tight & inconsistent ranging from .0280-0285” over instead of the 030 it should be. Dropped off my pistons so they can mic them then hone cylinders to spec. Will then get new rings & finally start assembly soon
  12. YJeXtreme

    VA Offroad Sports Decals

    I've got a fresh batch of Decals... have a few 32" Large decals great for rear windows or tops of windshields, in White or Black, and a good bit of 12" smaller decals in White or Black. I've got them listed in the Store Page.
  13. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    I love when Brown-Santa shows up with new goodies!
  14. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    We got the CJ back on the lift, bum T176 removed (input bearing is bad), flywheel off so it can be resurfaced, & swapped front springs.
  15. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Jeep goes back on the lift this weekend so we can pull the bum T176 and install my rebuilt one, will finish up fab work on bumper, tweak the spring setup (Stay tuned for more details!) Install my NEW Tires, got a smoking deal on 4 new Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3s from 4WD Hardware recently. 770 shipped with a $100 mail in rebate from MT. Typically they retail for 245 ea...