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  1. 1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    I know of a few old Ford guys back home if I see any of em on fb have that fender if ya can't source one! What all Years compatible for those fenders?
  2. Rear end

    That pile pictured above actually will run believe it or not hahaha
  3. Rear end

    You know 30s weren't that bad really!! The u joints were my issue and I did have a outer seal go bad which drained all fluid out and on my way home it locked the front up and I kissed the window an shattered it lol other than that I kept the same 30 gears and housing for 5 years together running 34 ltb! I'm considering bringing my zj out of retirement I needs a t converter it has a 80k 4.0/42re/242 in it but I didn't replace the converter.... smdh
  4. Rear end

    10-4 yeah it's hard keeping 35s and 30s Alive! In 6 years I replaced way to many on my zj!
  5. 1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    That's a nice Ford and I'm no Ford guy! The trim rings on 33s will set that black truck off! Nice build!
  6. Nc4x4 OG, new to here!!

    I'll be Internet wheeling for awhile lol glad to see local 4x4 folks around these parts I'll post my project up when I get further into it tho!
  7. Site Voting

    10-4 trying to help it along!
  8. Site Voting

    I'm not seeing it...
  9. Rear end

    Got a 35 welded and a 30 welded for a 96 zj for cheap or trades if for trailered rig... can't be street driven sittin jnder this heep!
  10. Nc4x4 OG, new to here!!

    How goes it all? New to forum been around 4x4s, mechanical everything since I was a kid, I'm living in Blacksburg va currently love the area btw, hopefully gonna get back on the trails soon Nice to meet y'all in advance!