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  1. 3" XJ Front coil springs

    3.5" will do also
  2. 3" XJ Front coil springs

    I'm looking for a set of 3" front coil springs for an XJ if anyone has some laying around. Looking to spend up to $50. Thanks!
  3. Kinda new guy from Vinton!

    First I want to say sorry for not introducing my self sooner! I'm Chris from Vinton, I used to be into wheeling but did the stupid thing and got rid of my 4x4 for a pavement only car, Twice! I finally bought my 87 Samurai and have been slowly workin out kinks and buildin on it a lil at a time. I see alot of y'alls rides around town and haven't seen a bad one yet! Thanks for the good website and I hope to be able to get in on some trips! (if work allows haha):thumb: