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1962 Ford Galaxie

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I know I know it's not 4x4, but as most of us here are avid automotive enthusiast regardless if it's 4x4, Jeep, Ford, etc... figured I'd post a build thread.


Car was purchased by my dad Mar 2003, I'll have to fish out old pics of it, anyways original stats


  • 1962 Galaxie 500 2dr Sedan
  • Home-made plain black interior
  • 390 cid 4bbl
  • C6 Auto trans
  • Factory 9"


The car was no thrills, as the motor was wore out, wrist pin started knocking about 4-5months after purchase. We painted it June 2003 just a quick but semi-presentable shot. We ran the option codes, and found out the car was supposed to be factory Power Steering and Power brakes, however during the motor swap someone did years ago (removed the original 390 and replaced w/ one from a 66) they ditched all the factory options. After alot of searching we found all the parts needed to redo the factory PS/PB installed new headliner and drove it around like this,


In the last 4yrs this has been done...


  • New 390
  • 428 CJ heads
  • Edelbrock Performer Intake/Cam/Carb setup
  • Highflow waterpump
  • FoMoCo 406 shorty cast headers
  • HiPo C6 tranny w/ shiftkit
  • 9" Posi-trac w/ 3.50s
  • Four Wheel Disc-brake conversion
  • 100% new suspension
  • Heavy duty front/rear swaybars
  • Painless wiring front-to-back
  • Bucket seats from a 63 Galaxie XL complete with factory 62 XL interior
  • Converted from column to floor shift w/ factory console
  • Ididit Brushed Stainless colum w/ Grant 4spoke steering wheel
  • 63 Galaxie dash complete w/ Autometer gauges
  • Custom-Auto sound stereo system w/ 6disc changer
  • Ford 17" Mustang wheels from 2007 model


The car is currently completely stripped back out for complete repaint. Nothing has been spared in my dad's collection of parts and toys, and this is one bitchin cruiser. Stay tuned for pics,

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Here's some pics 1st is random shot from about 2yrs ago, 2nd during re-wire and 3rd more recent during strip down for body work and repaint Will have to look for more.

Jeep Build-Paint 001.jpg

Jeep Run 9-22 012.jpg

pics 013.jpg

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Iv'e seen this one in person on numerous occasions. Gonna be bad ass when done.:2thumbsup:



Now sell me the rambler conv!:D




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Been working a bit on this car lately, since I was out of work, and didn't have the spare cash for parts on the jeep... Both front/rear windsheild frames were thinned in some areas with rust. Alot of heavy pitting. Front I was able to weld up some of the holes, after neutralizing the rust, and skimmed it with filler. Rear I had started work on sometime ago, had to cut out a 5" section and match a patch panel in the metal-brake. Also my gauze bezel arrive, to convert to digital Autometer guages.


Basically the car will appear as a nostalgia style custom, with the use of the '63 Galaxie dash, the XL bucket seat interior, also looking for a '61 Galaxie grille. Apart from appearance, it has the earlier mentioned mods for safety and comfort. We also have a complete under-dash modern AC system. this takes place of all factory vents, etc... To smooth out the firewall, I removed the old Heater motor cover that bolted from the factory, and shaped a patch for the 7 1/2" hole. I started welding it in, however ran out of wire on my mig spool. Anyone have comments, questions feel free to post 'em. Will be purchasing paint in the coming week or two also...






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I love old Fords. They hold a special place in my heart.I have had several 65 Stang GT. 69 Torino Cobra, 71 Boss 351, 72 F100, 89 SHO, 90 Sho, 90 LSC and for the 1st time in my life i dont have 1.My grand father got me in to them a long time ago.I told the wife ,the next project was going to b a 64 Fairlane, T Bolt clome.Good luck on your 62, got to love the big iron.:2thumbsup:

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well the firewall is done finally, and in paint, motor going back in this week. My goal is to have car completely painted in the next 2-4weeks. Depends on my work schedule and motivation. Not sure if I mentioned, but color is Toreador Red from a 2002 Ford Truck. Gorgeous, deep red metallic. No more pics til it's all in one color :harhar:

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Damn... 5yrs since last update & car still isn't done!! Life has caused car to get worked on here & there...


Finally have a Mon-Fri job & good hours, so I've really started busting ass over the last few months.


Learned the patch i installed on the right rear is screwed up, so has to be redone... Panel i got has a huge flatspot that I missed while burnin her in...


Car will be going to local bodyshop to have full right quarter replaced...



Patch on left front fender -Mock Up



Patch almost complete...



Valance Panel in skim coat...



Front clip coning together

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Got the Galaxie fired up the other day, then moving under her own power yesterday. Have to mount the front bumper so i can mount the new Derale remote mount Trans cooler. Bumpers will be going off to Tri-Cities Plating to be rechromed...





My 56 is up next after the Galaxie is done. 2 Sexy Ass cars in the Making


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Began custom fabbing a mount 1/8" stock for the trans cooler & mounting the late 60s power steering pump to clear the lower radiator hose






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Sent the car to StarCity Paint and Body yesterday to have new right quarter installed.... They'll also be doing the paint since I don't have a booth, or the time to strip down the shop and massively clean it out. Shooting to be in paint by mid July, will be sending bumpers off to a replating shop in TN to be rechromed... Stay tuned for more pics!

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Well alot transpired... I finished the majority of the bodywork, then we farmed the rest out to a shop in Elliston, Dark Forrest Garage. They did the final body work and paint work. I've been working since to polish all the stainless, we had the bumpers and chrome pieces replated at Hanlon Plating in Richmond, VA. I plan to have exterior final assembly done within the next couple weeks, and then begin working on final assembly of the interior pieces.


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