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    Not as big of a project today. I took out my old (1996?) suction cup mount phone holder and installed a RAM mount using a screw in ball replacing one of the dash bolts. So far I like it a lot.
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    Thanks. And yes some snow is still on the ground. But it got up to about 38 today and sunny so a lot melted off the sidewalks and streets. Tomorrow should be near 50 so it might all be gone by then.
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    With the mini heat wave this weekend, will be doing the bearing R&R!!
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    New Alloy USA bearing kits enroute...
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    Welcome to Va Off-road Sports! Sent from a van down by the river
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    Hey I'm Dove, I drive a 1995 Toyota T100. Hope to see you all on the trails soon.
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    Wvva Jeeps are going to be riding at Kairos on February the 23rd. I plan to be there hopefully some of y'all can make it. 10am meet up. Come early to sign waviers. $25 day pass $150 year pass. Address is Shumate Falls Road Glen Lyn, Virginia 24093. Expect Creek crossings, Creek crawling, the slickest mud you have ever seen, and expect a great time. Thanks
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    Awesome, one of my favorite wheeling spots was mostly old creek beds. Ton of rocks in a small 40-50 acre area. We had a blast there, but it got shut down. I'll definitely have to check this place out, but doubt it'll be this run you posted about.
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    They made both. It's basically a 86-95 put, just wider
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    There are rock areas. Mostly Creek beds.
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    A few pics Sent from a van down by the river
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    Checking in as a new guy. I’ve owned many Jeeps in the past and just picked up number 30 yesterday. First time owning a ZJ, I’ve always had XJs, WJs and YJs. Figured I’d try something different. Look forward to meeting some of you. Jeep I picked up is a stock 2 owner ‘98 4.0 242 tcase, hoping it’s gonna be a great starting platform
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    Took it out looking for places to take photos.
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    Will be picking up a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee soon, courtesy of Mike aka @jeepfam He picked it up around Oct 2017, from previous owner, with known transmission issues. Here is what I know, from the original sale post by prior owner/builder: "Stock 3:73, 35 x12.50 km2 barely any wear, 3 " pucks, 3" pro comp springs, adjustable IRO control arms all the way around, both IRO adjustable track bars- front is double shear, rough county winch plate with d rings, badlands 12,000 lb winch, serious off road 1 ton steering, new steering stabilizer not on yet. Lots of goodies. Motor is still strong, 407 injector swap, msd coil. Also I swapped the 249 for a 231 tcase. I also have u joint driveshafts and u joint axle shaft. Switched from cv to 96 XJ axles with the big u joints." Here's my list for current plans: Repair/Replace Tranmission Remove 3" springs and budget boost spacers Replace with Rusty's 5.5" Lift Springs Remove 35s - install on my 78 F150 Replace with set of 33x12.50 ATs Install replacement front bumper cover Go through mechanical items Brakes Engine Steering
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    Was over at Mike's tonight, checking out the ZJ, it's a solid rig. Typical paint fading and front leather seat bottoms are cracked/ripped a bit. But really a solid rig. The adjustable control arms are uppers and lowers, so prev owner before Mike spent a good bit on upgrades
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    Haha, we shall see...
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    Watch out Grands can be come an addiction. Lol Sent from a van down by the river
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    The best is if you are using a captive discharge box. I have not researched much at this point. But they suggest letting it learn without timing for a while before you add the timing control.
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    I did not even know it would control my fans. That was a bonus. And at some point after it does its learning, I will tie it into the timing.
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    Turns out it was just a matter of adjusting the idle screw on the unit. Doh! I will see how it goes tomorrow on my way to work.
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    Sure. I am having an issue where the revs don’t drop to normal after warming up. But it is just one day. I am going to create a data log and see if Holley can help determine the cause.
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    And cleaned up Put the display on the dash Put the temp control sensor in the heater hose Test drove it today. The system will be “learning” for a bit. But confirmed that the fans kick on at temp. Throttle response is way different that before. I barely have to hit the pedal and it wants to spin the tires leaving from a stop. It will take a bit for me to get used to it.
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    We are working together with some of my friends in the Drag Links Car Club, the Club itself was founded in the 60s, and was brought back by my buddy and his friends. So far we've been able to get confirmation that we can hold a show at The Vinton War Memorial. Tentative scheduled for late May or possibly in June (Will know for sure Mon or Tues) I've reached out the the local Military Family Support Center, and they are lined up as the recipient of our donation. Stay tuned for more details!
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    Sad day for the Off-road community http://www.fourwheeler.com/news/1901-off-road-racer-pistol-pete-sohren-killed-in-baja-accident/ Sent from a van down by the river
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