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    Finally got around to ordering a steel steering box spacer, as not point in installing bumper with unibody tie-ins & reusing the weak factory aluminum spacer. Surprisingly the factory spacer was intact & all bolts came out without incident. I bought a steel spacer from EBay, from The Midgard Workshop, it is of good quality & power coated. Only cost me $30 shipped, plus cost of 3 new 7/16-14x4.5” bolts & washers. I installed the new steering spacer & the DIY bumper’s unibody tie-in plate, then mocked-up the bumper to start finish welding. Even better is my almost 8yo wanted to help in removal of the factory steering box bolts!
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    Well, no turning back now. Removed the manyal pedal box and installed the auto pedal box. What a pain in the arse. 2.5 hours but it felt like 8. Had to remove the fuse box and drop the steering wheel as low as possible to get the old box out. And ask me why I cleaned and painted the new pedal box? No clue. No one will see it.
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    Well, I ran into some interesting issues over the last few weeks. 2wks ago I pulled the air intake tube off, so I could change the busted Driver's motor Mount. and found a real gem and head-scratcher... There was blue painter's tape over the Idle Air Control Valve port in the throttle body... Now I had planned to pull the IAC while I was doing the Motor Mount job, as the jeep had a tendency to idle-pulse from 750 up to 1000 while sitting at stops. After pulling the IAC and TB to be cleaned, I found the IAC was fairly new, and clean, as was the TB. After reinstalling I started getting IAC fault codes. So I bought a new IAC, installed, and all was good w/ the codes, but the Idle was awful. I started the old-school method of vacuum leak testing, w/ carb cleaner, and found #5 and #6 injectors to be leaking at the intake. I bought new O-rings, installed them, and immediately started getting IAC Fault codes, that couldn't immediately be traced. I ran continuity/ohm test from the IAC connector to the PCM connector, and it came back perfect, I swapped a diff TB on, and eventually another new IAC. None resolved my issues. So out of sheer curiosity, I started shaking around the harness going by the valve cover and firewall. the jeep shut off, but when I restarted it there was no IAC code. Thinking I was in luck, and it was a ground issue, I drove home, where the IAC fault popped back up. The next day I hosed down the motor to degrease it, and clean up the grounds to the PCM on the block. This did not resolve the issue, so I started stripping apart the harness from the PCM to the IAC/Injectors, etc... That's when I found a small short in one of the IAC wires right by the valve cover and firewall, hidden inside the split-loom. It must have been touching just right when I first ran the continuity test since there was no resistance, when checking before I cut and soldered the short I was getting around 5-6ohms resistance. Since I cut and soldered the short, then sealed with heat-shrink I've had no issues with the IAC faults. Also during this time I finally pulled the front bumper and cut off the 2" receivers that someone had welded to the unibody rails. I've got a steel steering box spacer on order, and will be mocking up the front bumper soon, so I can finish weld it. I still need to run a double-check for vacuum leaks, but it runs much better than before, though I'm still within the 50 start cycles for the PCM to relearn it's parameters. I bought a smoke-machine to aid in the subsequent vacuum leak detection and for future needs.
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    Sadly, we got the call the other week from our venue, that the show had to be Cancelled, or postponed until 2021. They did not have any other available dates for this year that we could work with. We held out hope til the very end, but unfortunately due to all the gov't mandated shut downs from COVID-19, it had to be pushed aside.
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