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    Not as big of a project today. I took out my old (1996?) suction cup mount phone holder and installed a RAM mount using a screw in ball replacing one of the dash bolts. So far I like it a lot.
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    Been working on a custom width Ford 9”. The base was a Full-width 9” from my 78 F150, it had axle bearing seat damage from being ran dry, warped the housing end... cut down to CJ wide-track width... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please do. I posed it on a fake rock at a new local dealership today.
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    Took it for a tour around the back roads of Loudoun County with 3 other flat fenders
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    Got new tires for the Willys on Monday
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    Actually there is no update unfortunately. I got deployed overseas for a while and I'll have to try to get it done when I get home later this summer.
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    Thanks. And yes some snow is still on the ground. But it got up to about 38 today and sunny so a lot melted off the sidewalks and streets. Tomorrow should be near 50 so it might all be gone by then.
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    With the mini heat wave this weekend, will be doing the bearing R&R!!
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    New Alloy USA bearing kits enroute...
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    Cool thanks. I like the idea of a spray on kit, no particular reason why. Maybe because I just finished painting my garage and I don't want to see another paint roller for a long long time.
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    August 26, 2019 Share this email: Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 8.26.19 Monday, August 26, 2019 – Caring for the National Forests National forests protect some of our great natural treasures, across the United States and locally in Virginia’s Ninth Congressional District. The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, which cover 1,664,110 acres in Virginia and span much of the Ninth District, provide outlets for recreation, camping, and enjoyment of plant and animal life. Both locals and tourists partake of their splendor. Unfortunately, I have heard consistent complaints over the years that some of the rules governing the national forests interfere with the enjoyment of them. The recreational sites, roads, and trails in the forests all need upkeep, which falls under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Forest Service. They have trouble maintaining some of the locations in our District, citing resource constraints. I understand these constraints, yet there is a tremendous resource at hand that has not been drawn upon as much as it could be: the time and effort of very skilled Southwest Virginians. For example, the Fenwick Mines Day Use Area in Craig County has been threatened with closure due in part to maintenance problems, even though the Craig County Administrator has offered to find people with the skills to fix rooves and take care of other maintenance items. Federal rules about volunteers hold back the people who want to help. Volunteers are most often prohibited from working on Forest Service facilities unless an employee directly supervises them. Further, the Forest Service would have to pay those volunteers worker’s compensation insurance. It is disheartening to think that bureaucratic inflexibility coming from Washington prevents us from enjoying and caring for the lands in our backyards. I am committed to fix the problem. In Washington, I testified before the House Natural Resources Committee in June at a Member Day hearing, bringing the issue to the attention of the committee with jurisdiction over the Forest Service. During the current district work period, I met with Forest Service officials from the George Washington and Jefferson forests. It was a productive discussion focused on figuring out how to make sure the people who want to volunteer in our national forests can do so. One outcome may be legislation. I am studying the possibility of introducing a bill to clarify rules for different types of volunteers. It may be appropriate to require a full-time volunteer to clear multiple bureaucratic hurdles, but someone intending to volunteer only occasionally shouldn’t be subject to the same extensive process. I am confident we can find a way for Southwest Virginians to take a more active part in caring for the national forests. In some parts of the district, the Forest Service has already cooperated with local governments and other partners. The City of Norton has worked with the Forest Service on memoranda of understanding and agreement, formal documents recognizing the relationship between them, so the city can handle maintenance and upkeep on the trails that intersect and loop around the city. As one example, a park area was having issues with its water system, so the Forest Service contacted Norton and one of the city’s work crews addressed the problem. Municipalities are not the only possible partners. In Lee County, the Spearhead Trails organization went to work so that the Cave Springs Recreational Area could reopen. A group in Grayson County works to keep horse trails under Forest Service jurisdiction clear. The Friends of Mount Rogers help to maintain Mount Rogers’ trails and support interpretative sites for visitors. In Southwest Virginia, we all have a stake in the national forests. The beautiful scenery is an economic draw as well as an asset for ecology. Maintaining recreational areas in the forests will keep them available for people from our region and others to use and in the process patronize local businesses. When talking about how Southwest Virginians are ready to do our part, I often retell a story about the Volvo truck plant in Dublin. The facility wanted a test road for customers, but the corporate office in Sweden ruled that it would be cost-prohibitive. The employees at the plant, some of whom had engineering and farming backgrounds, then stepped up. Building upon an idea from the plant’s suggestion box and with approval from management, they organized the construction of the road, bringing in the heavy equipment and laying the surface, all for under $100,000. We have the skills, the knowledge, and the will to keep our national forests great. All we need are rules that let us do so. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact my office. You can call my Abingdon office at 276-525-1405 or my Christiansburg office at 540-381-5671. To reach my office via email, please visit my website at www.morgangriffith.house.gov. ### Washington, DC Office 2202 Rayburn HOB Washington, D.C. 20515 T (202) 225-3861 F (202) 225-0076 Abingdon Office 323 West Main St. Abingdon, VA 24210 T (276) 525-1405 F (276) 525-1444 Christiansburg Office 17 West Main St. Christiansburg, VA 24073 T (540) 381-5671 F (540) 381-5675 UPDATE SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS | PRIVACY POLICY | CONTACT US Click Here to view this email in your browser Click Here to be removed from this list Sent from a van down by river
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    Picked up an old 1979 Delhi 1430 Jon Boat last week. Price was great for a project and included title... plan to get it water worthy & get to fishing with my sons. The trip to pick it up without a truck was fun to say the least... My 7yo says we need to drop the 351 from my 78 F150 into it & build a speedboat... Atleast he has vision lol!! Boat has been well used & has some scars from the rivers & being overloaded. I will be brazing the couple holes closed, checking all rivets for leaks, rebucking those that can, and replacing the others. Then sealing everything up with 3M 5200 Marine sealant. After that will follow a few coats of Wetlander Slick Bottom, and repaint the topside with a light color. I will also be building a new transom board, adding a 5hp outboard, trolling motor & fish/depth finder... Previous owners added a make-shift compartment that I’ll use for battery storage & other storage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am in Ashburn, and take the dive up to Tremont, PA a couple of times a year to go to Rausch Creek Off Road park. They have some really nice trails from easy greens to “buggy only” reds/purples. There is another park up there that I have not been to called AOAA. I hear good things about it. Good luck and don’t tackle the trails alone. Always have at least one other off road vehicle with you. Just saying it in case you were unaware of that. In fact Raush Creek won’t let you go out alone. They will add you to another group or make you stay in the parking lot.
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    Hey Dewan. The closest public trails to Northern VA are in the GW National forest. Flagpole knob (by Harrisonburg) is a nice easy trail to get started. There are a few different trails around it to get up there and a few to get back down. There is also Peter’s Mill a little further down. There is a private camp ground/trail system in Gore VA (by Winchester) called The Cove. A local guy who runs a company called Big Dogs hosts events there. If you are going with a group of 10 rigs or more, you need to go through his company. If it is a smaller group, you can go without being part of one of his events. There is also Chaos Offroad park. Look them up. They have a small trail sustem right over the WV border. But their shop is in Winchester.
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    Finally got the rig home last week. Big thanks to Mike for the deal & hauling it. Sourced a working, used trans. Will need to replace battery, go through the brakes & swap trans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We had fliers made, and handed out some at the local MDA Car Show. We'll have the RTI ramp at the show. Still working on getting donations together for raffle.
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    1995 Toyota t100 DX 4x4, it has the 3.4l v6, r150f five speed trans, it has a lock right in the rear axle, 4.5 inch suspension lift 35x12.50r17s. I bought the truck with a broken rear, bought a parts truck and pieced it back together. It's been a great rig so far, it just works, I have sourced a 10 bolt gm front axle for my future sas.
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    II'm born & raised in P-Town Virginia and OBX, and I just moved back to VA over the summer from Florida where I lived for the last 10 years. I've owned and built roughly 30 Toyota trucks and SUVs so needless to say I'm a Toyota guy. Just bought me a 2018 Tacoma which is my DD and I take it offroad as well because why else buy a 4x4. Below in the pics are my 3rdGen Taco and two of my favorite pics of my old Yotas VID_126590829_222347_010.mp4
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    Another Toyota guy. 😁 Welcome to the forum
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    Hey I'm Dove, I drive a 1995 Toyota T100. Hope to see you all on the trails soon.
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    Wvva Jeeps are going to be riding at Kairos on February the 23rd. I plan to be there hopefully some of y'all can make it. 10am meet up. Come early to sign waviers. $25 day pass $150 year pass. Address is Shumate Falls Road Glen Lyn, Virginia 24093. Expect Creek crossings, Creek crawling, the slickest mud you have ever seen, and expect a great time. Thanks
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    They made both. It's basically a 86-95 put, just wider
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    There are rock areas. Mostly Creek beds.
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    A few pics Sent from a van down by the river
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    Took it out looking for places to take photos.
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    Was over at Mike's tonight, checking out the ZJ, it's a solid rig. Typical paint fading and front leather seat bottoms are cracked/ripped a bit. But really a solid rig. The adjustable control arms are uppers and lowers, so prev owner before Mike spent a good bit on upgrades
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    Watch out Grands can be come an addiction. Lol Sent from a van down by the river
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    The best is if you are using a captive discharge box. I have not researched much at this point. But they suggest letting it learn without timing for a while before you add the timing control.
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    I did not even know it would control my fans. That was a bonus. And at some point after it does its learning, I will tie it into the timing.
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    Turns out it was just a matter of adjusting the idle screw on the unit. Doh! I will see how it goes tomorrow on my way to work.
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    And cleaned up Put the display on the dash Put the temp control sensor in the heater hose Test drove it today. The system will be “learning” for a bit. But confirmed that the fans kick on at temp. Throttle response is way different that before. I barely have to hit the pedal and it wants to spin the tires leaving from a stop. It will take a bit for me to get used to it.
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    Recieved my new wheels... ordered Pro Comp Series 51, 15x8 with a 2.5” backspacing. Needed the shallow backspacing to clear my steering. As when I did the HD & High Steer setup, it moved tierods less than 1/4” from tires when aired up to 32lbs. I preferred new wheels over spacers as I will be using the OEM centercaps. I have 4 original caps & 1 original 15x7 wheel. Will make a jig from a piece of steel using the original wheel as a guide.
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    I have been wheeling an Early Bronco for many years and have several. My son has a 79 he bought at 11.
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    Yes, I've known Tony approx. 25 years, wheeled at Crozet many times, know Chris and Heather. Used to wheel Devils Ditch a lot too. Here's the current street build:
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    I'm down to one of the old t shirts . I'm interested in a new one. Need to see the price of a hoodie they can get pretty pricey. Definitely need some new stickers too. Sent from a van down by the river
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    About ClearShine: ClearShine is a small business comprised of several members with a broad range of professional detailing and automotive experience. As a result of these personal experiences, we are able to put a target on "the best detail products" and chase after that goal. Most of all, we understand that detailing is a "labor of love" that not everyone loves! Therefore, we aim to create innovative products that save you time working so you can spend more time enjoying! Veteran Owned! ClearShine Roanoke: For more details or a demo, contact Chris Childress, either via a private message to @CLEARSHINE Roanoke, or on Facebook @ ClearShine Roanoke. ClearShine manufactures products that reduce the "labor of love" required to keep your vehicles looking their best! All of our products are easy, affordable, and effective!
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    Some fun in the field today...
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    After backing it into the garage, I noticed some writing under the paint on the windshield vent. So I took it off and traced it a bit to see better what it may have looked like. I think I am going to have a better artist fill out the text. “Flying W Ranch”. The ranch is still around up in PA. So I am learning a bit about it.
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    Pic keeps failing to be seen (in tapatalk anyway) but I keep trying.
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    Most of the screws were stripped. So I got tired of getting bigger screws. I put the latches into the top using rivets. Through the metal strip and into the fiberglass.
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    Here are a couple of mods I have done. While doing the new chassis, I installed a 20 gallon poly tank to replace the 15 I also decided that I did not want to drop the tank to replace the fuel sending unite which I know will happen since it is from Omix. So O installed a boat hatch in the bed. I also added some USB and 12v power for my phone. And to make removal of the half cab easier/quicker, I got rid of the screws and added these latches from McMaster-Carr. 4 for the front and 3 for the rear connection to the bulkhead.
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    Welcome to Va Off-road Sports Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    Hello. My name is Dain. I am from Ashburn, but grew up in Hampton, VA. I had an 86 XJ in HS and college. Then had a Full Size Bronco instead of a minivan when my first kid came around. Then a few years later picked up a YJ to get back into Jeeping. Sold it to pick up my current daily driver, a 1984 Scrambler. We ended up picking up a 2015 JKU for the family/kids’ vehicle. And my wife recently picked up a 49 Willys CJ3a from a family friend. I have been to Flagpole a few times, as well as The Cove at Gore, but mainly go to Rausch Creek in PA for big trips.
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    Here is my shot from a Christmas parade my club was a part of on Saturday
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    She had memories in it from her younger years. When she heard he was considering selling, she jumped on it. I get to play with it and keep it running though. So we both win.
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    Welcome! Only a couple lurking here. Sadly facebook has almost killed Forums. But I refuse to throw in the towel. Please share the word! I have some decals available, message me if interested. Be sure to start a build thread too!
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    Had a change of plan. Gonna pickup a d35 and d30 with 373 gears and call it good. Should save 1100 after all said and done. I'll put ball joints and new tie rod ends on the d30 probably put u joints in the axle shafts. I'll put in rough country front upper adjustable control arms to match the rest of my control arms while I have the front end out. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    [video=youtube_share;UUrDhtHCORE] I made a video for another forum that I feel may help others here to understand what caster is and how it relates to jeeps.
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