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  1. Earlier this summer I was offered the chance to make a deal on a pair of CJ8 Scrambler tubs, one good frame & title. It’s taken a few months to collect my end of the agreement, but today I finally picked up parts that will go towards the deal. I also picked up a hood, grill & tailgate for my build! A CJ8 Scrambler has been on of my bucket list vehicles forba long time, so I’m pretty excited!! The good tub appears to have experienced an underdash fire that allowed the firewall to rust & rot along the bottom. The other tub has an extensive amount of rot in the floors. The frame is solid though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Welcome to VA Offroad Sports!

  3. admin

    VA Off Road Swag

    So 1 for Stickers and Shirts, and possibly Hoodies. I know the last time we had them made, hoodies ran about $30 ea. But that's been awhile. Any color preferences?
  4. AutoZone won't be large enough to hold this. I need to make a call, to see about the old Vinton Motors. I know the guy who runs the summer cruise-ins there, so he maybe able to help me get access for the show, so long as property doesn't get sold by then.
  5. A Great tool that's offered as part of our FREE Membership here at Virginia Off Road Sports, is the use of our Clubs utility. With this, you can create a short info page on your club, and receive a Forum for it as well! What better way to expand your membership opportunities, reach an audience who's may not be on Facebook, or other social platforms, and work with other clubs in the state! Please contact us if interested in learning more!
  6. We are wanting to put together another 4x4 related show to benefit our local community or someone in need. It’s been a few years since we’ve done one, but have raised between two shows over 2,000 for local kids in need. Ideally this show is being planned for spring 2019. What we’re looking for is support in identifying a person or cause to donate any Money to. And tentative participation.
  7. In better efforts to help fund and sustain a long lasting online presence and resource for Offroaders in and around Virginia, we are offering paid subscriptions. Subscriptions will be $12/yr for basic, recurring subscription. This will include the ability to upload more pictures to your photo-albums, have a larger number of upload space, and more... Below is the link to the Subscription Page with more details on the Paid Subscriptions... Subscription Info Thanks for all your support!
  8. Site will be upgraded late tonight(Around 10 or 11), it will go down for about an hour or two during this time.
  9. We just setup an account where I can order drivetrain parts, and working on getting hooked up with some other wholesalers. Is there anything that anyone would be interested in seeing? Currently can order Ring/Pinion sets, Master Install Kits, Lockers, Axle Shafts etc... all from East Coast Gear Supply.
  10. Extreme Terrain is holding another giveaway, this time some awesome Raxiom Jeep Lights. Check out the link below for more details. Ends on 6/27! Extreme Terrain: Raxiom Jeep Light Giveaway
  11. Here is a quick preview of the updated layout. http://www.vaoffroadsports.com/cmps_index.php I've still got alot more work to do, but hope to have this completed soon, and I'm currently looking for a new "layout/skin" for the site.
  12. until
    [h=3]34th Annual MDA Car Show[/h] Presented by:<CENTER> The Roanoke Valley Charity Car Show Committee, Inc. LOCATION:Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, VA FEATURING: 2 Full floors of cars and vendors Model Car Contest Silent Auction TICKET PRICING: Adults $12.00 Kids $3 Children under 3 FREE! Weekend Passes Available http://mdacarshow.com/ </CENTER>
  13. Thanks, any more input? We just fixed the Calendar today. It was stopping at 2012! Expanded through 2026, and added some upcoming events.
  14. Red Truck Jerky Gladiator 5k (May 17, 2014) The Red Truck Jerky Gladiator 5k will test your skills against our best Gladiators as well as our obstacle course and mud trails! The Gladiators are getting prepared are you?
  15. Hillbilly Games (May 10, 2014) Rocky Mount, Va The Hillbilly games are an Olympic style competition. Participants will compete in 8 different events throughout the day. Participants will receive points after each event. After completion of all 8 events points will be tallied. There will be a gold, silver, and bronze metal awarded for the top 3 participants in each division. Divisions will be broken down into Men’s and Women’s division. Events will be announce on the website and Facebook and Twitter every couple of weeks leading up to the competition. Hillbilly games are not only for the participants but just as much fun for spectators as well. Come out and enjoy all of the competitions as well as live entertainment, Beer Pong Tournaments, Horseshoe Tournaments, Corn Hole Tournaments, Great Food, Beer Garden and much much more! http://www.redtruckeventcenter.com/hillbilly-games.html
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