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  1. As Craig mentioned in the last post, check your rear control arm bolts - both upper and lower. I had a clunk anytime I hit or let off the gas for a long time (it also made the rear end feel really sloppy). Turns out, in my case, it was a loose driver side rear upper control arm bolt. Tightened it up and I'm good to go (minin coe).
  2. Definitely post up after a trail run or two. I've been eyeballing those since they came out - mainly because I crunched my fender a year ago and don't really want tubes, and it's a pain to find a used one in good shape that's color matched. (I don't want to fool with getting it painted). The only thing that's held me back is worrying about getting hassled about tire coverage. Do you daily drive yours?
  3. Thanks for the heads up Matt. Even though I've been wanting to upgrade the rear for a long time, it's just not cost effective for me at the moment. I took another look at East Coast's site, and the absolute cheapest I could get one to meet my needs is around $1800. I selected as many used parts as I could, but the gear ratio and locker shot the price up out of my range. I called Superior and they quoted me a set of 30 spline evolution shafts for $117 a piece. I found Yukon's and Alloy USA's online for anywhere from $130-$160, so I jumped on the evos. Now I just have to hope it's only the s
  4. Thanks Matt. I'll give you a call this week.
  5. Tires will be the death of me. A few posts back, I mentioned rear tire wobble. I assumed it was the wheels and tires since they were beaten to death. I got new wheels and tires recently, and I'm still having the same problem. I'm starting to think something got bent when I was hit by the guy scraping our road - the same thing that broke the wheel. After doing some research, most people recommend putting it on stands, pulling the wheels, and checking for a bent axle flange, a bad bearing, or a bad drum, while pulling the drums if need be. My problem is I don't have a garage or flat spot to
  6. I love old Chevy's. I believe the one my Dad had was an 86. When he traded it in 94, it was flawless except for a couple of rust bubbles on the tailgate. We're all still kicking ourselves over that. He traded it for an S10 Blazer that had more issues that I can remember, but that truck was perfect.
  7. Sorry to hear about the trackbar man. Which radio did you get? I think I'm going to have to get one soon for the same reason. I think between moisture from leaving the top down every night, dust from Uwharrie, and sand from the Outer Banks, mine is on its last leg. It skipped like crazy on the way home yesterday. But it's hard for me to justify the price of a new unit when I have so many parts left that I need to buy to finish building the Jeedlkjwelklklklklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  8. No way man, I don't believe your lies. You're wrong - just like there's absolutely not 7 inches of sand in my floorboards. I never thought we'd have to do "sand repairs" to get ready for Big Dogs. Then again, at least sand can't trash body mounts. And Chris, I remember you telling me that. I'm still jealous of you for having such an easy time with the tires. Maybe the secret is they have to be 35's. Yeah, that's it - that's what I'll tell my wife. Then she'll happily let me upgrade my steering and brakes too. You know, for her safety.:thumb:
  9. RUkered


    I have the 6-speed manual and ran 33's on 3.07's for a while. It was manageable, but not ideal. I went with 4.56's and have no regrets at all. Much better to have to pull out in 2nd gear around town than put it in 4th on 81 with a headwind.
  10. Sweet Lord I'm rough on tires and wheels. I've mentioned here before that I've torn valve stems out twice. To fix that, I changed them from metal to rubber. Then that mess earlier in this thread happened. Found a replacement and did pretty good for a while. Then a few months ago I developed a shimmy in the rear. Got it balanced and aligned before a trip to Uwharrie and it didn't make a difference. Got it balanced again before Crozet and the shimmy moved from the rear, feeling it through the seat, to the front, through the steering wheel. Went to Crozet and annihilated the finish on the two rea
  11. well thats the sound your mother made last night

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  13. Looking good man. When are the 50's going on?
  14. You sominabitch.

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