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  1. drakan1908

    98 zj

    New front upper and lower control arms came in yesterday. Gonna try to get them on in a couple of weeks.
  2. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/top-gear-tv/sabine-schmitz-has-passed-away-aged-51
  3. Are those 15 or 16 inch wheels? I might can use some dash parts and vents to fix the wifes. Let me know when I can look at it. This weekend my sister and me have to try to close my mothers house out and get it ready to sell. But I dont work so I'm available anytime.
  4. drakan1908

    98 zj

    I haven't decided yet on the control arms. I'll let you know. Might need to do a walk around on the 97. Always needing something. Lol
  5. Gotta put a new radiator in tomorrow. While changing the oil the other day I kept getting dripped on, looks like the bottom has rotted out. This is the original radiator, 23 years and 170000 miles not to bad. Just replaced one of the power steering hoses and a idler pulley. Seems like every time I try to upgrade my Grand the wife's Grand gets jealous and wants parts.....need to seperate them farther apart in the driveway. Lol
  6. drakan1908

    98 zj

    Installed the weatherstripping and definite improvement, no more noise coming from the back but more importantly no water leaks. Me and my son put in new isolators and readjusted the track bar. That solved the tire on spring issue and stopped the spring from hitting the mount. Now I can hear all the issues in the fromt. Lol! But that is soon to be corrected, I'm waiting on my new front upper and lower control arms to come in. I'm replacing my factory uppers and the lower Rough Country Xarms with Ironrock Offroad upper and lowers. They use factory bushings and replacements will be easier to
  7. drakan1908

    98 zj

    Couldn't use the speedo gear from mine for my wifes, evidently someone had already corrected mine when they put the 235s on it. Told her that I needed to lift hers now so i can put 30x950 on it and i can save money and not buy another speedo gear. Just trying to save money. She didn't buy it. LOL
  8. drakan1908

    98 zj

    I got the weatherstripping from Rock Auto. Its genuine Mopar. For the Grands the rear window and hatch sell quick. Still need the front and rear doors. As far as the snorkel, I wanted one.
  9. drakan1908

    98 zj

    Also speedometer gear to correct speedometer. The gear that comes from mine will go into the wifes to put her speedometer correct
  10. drakan1908

    98 zj

    A few new parts. Sway bar disconnects, 4 inch extended ss brake hoses( had these for a while),rear spring isolators to fix my tire rubbing spring, rear hatch and rear window weatherstripping, not shown is the snorkel.
  11. Neither of my 98 Grands have chip keys. My wife's has no security system. Mine has a security system that sets with the key fob when you remote lock the doors
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone gets what they want.
  13. My wifes Grand has "race car suits lol" on hers from the factory ,mine doesn't have any. Never had a problem but its funny one and one doesn't. Both are 98 Grands.
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