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  1. I'll try to keep an eye out for you guys coming down to Uwharrie sometime! For those that don't know I moved to NC about a month ago to work at EGCS, so I won't be able to make your local runs. I would like to venture up to potts sometime though, that place will always be special!
  2. It would indeed be nice to do in an environment like this, however so many people are attracted to the social media magnet it's hard to keep smaller forums alive...and I agree it's very unfortunate! The NRV Jeep Club forum is practically dead as well, but they're rather active on facebook. Another reason for doing it there is this is an open group, so anyone can check out the page and items people are selling, so there's greater potential for it to reach people that are not even into the sport...yet.
  3. Thanks for joining Jon, hopefully this will be a good page! I see a lot of trade groups on there, but nothing specific to Jeeps, at least not around here.
  4. Hey all, hope everyone is having a great new year so far! Just letting everyone know I started a Facebook group for Jeep parts/classifieds and tech questions. Hope you all can join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/nrvjeeptechandtrade/
  5. I have a utility trailer I made from an old camper up for grabs. The deck measures about 5"x13.5", has single HD drop axle with brakes! 15" wheels, New pressure treated deck, 2" ball, Boxed frame. It doesn't have fenders, sides or a gate, but has stake pockets, new lights and 4way wiring (brakes aren't hooked up, but wiring is there). Pulls great! Add a gate or ramps and this would be perfect for a couple ATVs! Note, this has NO TITLE, but can easily be registered as homemade. Because of this I am selling it for only $650 but am firm on price. That's basically what I have in it, if not less. I am not on here daily, so if interested you may want to shoot me a PM so I get an email.
  6. Thanks Jon, I might check with them. I just have to decide if it's worth the labor to do it twice if it is faulty, so it'll have to be cheap! Mine also started running hot at around 220-230 when under a heavier load and after longer drives. Also the noise is temperature related and doesn't do it cold, so it makes sense. I have an aftermarket cooler that has always kept it under 180 until recent. That helps raise the 90% chance to about 99%...I might just go ahead and order a new or remanufactured one since that pretty much has to be it!
  7. Before I buy one new I figured I'd check to see if anyone happens to have a aw4 torque converter lying around from an XJ? All years of the 4.0 auto use the same converter. I know these rarely go out, but mine is making sore bad noise...at least I'm 90% sure that's where it's coming from.
  8. TrailReadyMJ


    No problem...once I finally remembered to bring them! Hope they work out for ya!
  9. TrailReadyMJ


    Can bring them tomorrow, sent you a PM Brian.
  10. TrailReadyMJ


    If you just need something that holds air to run around on your property, I have a couple old 235s you're more than welcome to have. Wouldn't pass inspection, but have tread left and hold air. I can bring them to work in Salem one day next week if you can come by and scoop them up.
  11. LOL Jon! Yeah no holes or ink here either, just a few scars and that's enough to mark my journey through this life for me.
  12. I would love to attend a meet and greet as well, as long as the timing works out since I'm a little ways away...when not working lol.
  13. Looks good, almost like it was made to fit there!
  14. Tires made it in, just gotta replace a couple axle seals and I'll be ready to test it out! Had to go down the road to meet the truck, came on a semi and my roads aren't very truck friendly... I also missed the initial call due to my phone not being so smart...
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