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  1. Several months ago a true 4x4 enthusiast, my father passed away. He left me one of his prize possessions: his 83 Chevy heavy halfton Silverado. A truck we started on 14 years ago when I was 11. Upon his passing the truck had been setting for 9yrs and had recently been put back on the road for his daily driver, busted shocks, rusted rockers, busted doors and clogged carb. He bled 4x4 to his last breath. To this I decided to finish our project in commemoration of the man known as Lonzo in the 1980's bodatious turf diggers. I will be posting pics as I go and any help or info is much appreciated. I'm hopping to be completed by the 2015 cruise in on Williamson road. So far I have replaced all shocks, rebuilt the carb, tuned, installed headers and have gotten most of the electrical working. Still looking for a set of doors( preferably w/ electric windows) a left front fender, rear bumper, and bed sides( truck has dual tanks)I have a long way to go but will be well worth it. If anyone has parts or info please inbox me thanks.
  2. sad to say but my pride and joy is up for sale.got a little one on the way. Will take trades for some cash value. Cash talks. I'm being lazy so I posted the cl add bellow. Thanks http://roanoke.craigslist.org/cto/4277392906.html
  3. yea thats what i was thinking. I can imagine the amount of stuff that has gotten in there
  4. Heater coil is fine im getting rain water in. Any time it rains or I run through a creek my passenger gets flooded. Ive seen sites talk about removing your cowl and fabing a cove over the air intake.
  5. Ok so wasn't bad at first but getting worse. I know the water is leaking in around the cabin fresh air intake. Question is does any one know an easy way to fix this or can help? Thanks
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    Thats my baby. Had a good time today.
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