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  1. We'd like to go to. June 1st some of us is going to Rausch creek.
  2. Man that looks like fun I like the idea of caming and wheeling!
  3. I'm putting the jeep off. I need to fix my stepside to. Working on getting it painted.
  4. Same here. Make It a XL I ware stuf under it to.
  5. Large for me. On the color,I'm not picky but I do like gray.
  6. I would be interested in 1 myself!
  7. Our next meeting is the 1st wed. In sept.. It is going to be at Hema's in Rocky Mount at 7:00. You don't have to pay the dues then just when ever. Good to have ya though!
  8. I'll be there and a friend is going with me. I'm not camping. I have something at church that sun. morning but looking forward to sat.!
  9. I talked to the guys Sunday over there and they said they been talking about a jeep trail around the boundary of the land. It could be about 10 to 12 miles! I said " that's what I'm talking about" and told them if you build it,they well come! So I don't know for shore but I well keep reminding them.
  10. They are having a mud bogg this sat. Aug. 10th. Open at 9:00 starts at 12:00. atv's & utvs are 1st. Then trucks jeeps what ever, a Pitt just for kids,free camping and a band will be there. If turn out is good they will have more. Hope to see y'all there!
  11. Bjkhelms

    New guy

    Just want to say hi. Good to find people around va to wheel with. I'm new to trail riding but not to the outdoor world. Raced atv's for years gncc, always had big jeeps and trucks, and done the mt bike thing. Now gitting old and 2 kids so do more with family. I have a 07 Jk 4 door,3.5 lift and 35's,love it. Got a 78 Chevy step side with 454 6" lift 1 tons locked and 39.5 swampers. Fun truck. Hope to meet y'all soon!

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