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  1. Some go fast goodies for the road queen. Bored the TB to 51mm and polished it all nice and pretty. Then topped it off with an old-school Edlebrock air filter. And washed it.
  2. Have you checked out mautofied.com ? It's a website for selling or trading modified vehicles. Lots of lifted Jeeps, lowered trucks, and other stuff.
  3. The hood louvers were a factory accessory. One of the trademarks of the 5.9 along with different rocker covers, unique rims, burlwood trim, and Italian leather throughout the interior. the louvers are functional, too. You can see and feel the heat coming out of them on hot days.
  4. If (when?) I have a son, I going to name him Conner. No doubt about it. The wife already OK'd it. In other news, I went ahead and made a much-abbreviated build thread on here. My other build threads are all 500+ posts and nobody wants to read through all of that. Input and feedback is appreciated!
  5. And with that, you guys are caught up on the niner! Future plans: *Upcountry springs (net only about 1" of lift, but they have a significantly higher spring rate) *Battery relocate to the trunk *Dual batteries *Get more stuff out of the engine bay, specifically the air box and windshield fluid reservoir *Move coolant reservoir *WJ fully boxed control arms and WJ knuckles for the front brakes *Ford 8.8 from a Ford Exploder (geared to 4.10 if I can find one) with the posi clutch packs out of a Mustang
  6. Speaking of new and shiny, my steering was so loose it was dangerous. I was getting DW at stock height on 245/75s :mad: Fixed that right up... And painted the wheels while I was at it. Deleted the rear wiper and roof rack. Added a power steering cooler And added another Jeep to the stable!
  7. Got the interior all finished up. New seats, new trim, new carpet, new stereo stuff, all new and shiny :2thumbsup:
  8. My valve covers were leaking like, well, they were leaking a lot. So I took some stuff off and painted some stuff and... Got some HD steering linkage from Nick (Kolak) along with new isolators.
  9. More maintenance stuff... Anybody tell me whats wrong with this picture? The PO put a D35 with an open carrier in my niner! :mad: Took some stuff out of the engine bay and cleaned it up a little. Took something out from underneath and removed 13 lbs of dead weight And got a new alternator somewhere in there. It got painted red.
  10. Before I put the new carpet in, I wanted some sound absorption. Peel and Seal FTW! Around this time I decided I wanted to do two bypasses. Bypass the Infinity sound system entirely and get rid of the stupid AC idle pulley and just use a shorter belt. So it was done. New shocks because the clunking was driving me NUTS. Threw the speakers in... And picked up a set of 245/75r16s from 9th Street Tires in Roanoke.
  11. Picked up some goodies for the sound system... Started cutting wires out of the interior. And pulling carpet. And your first engine shot! Some things to note: the AC is gone and has been unceremoniously replaced with a bypass pulley. The dryer and lines are still in place. Carpet showed up. Custom molded from AutoCustomCarpets.com. Literally a perfect fit. Very good stuff!!!
  12. I tried to see if the carpet was worth saving. Took a couple things out of it at the car wash. Some shampooing later... I decided it was a total loss. The interior had to get 100% redone.
  13. First order of business was some seats. I got some agate leather seats out of a WJ because they WJ seats are just so much better. I did a quick tune up just so the stupid thing would run consistently. And then... The tear down. A 215/75r15 as a spare. There was something all over the back seat and carpet that smelled like a mix of gear oil and death. The PO wasn't much of an electrician...
  14. I'll go ahead and catch you guys up on the niner so I can keep a build thread going over here, too. I'll try to keep it short and just hit the high points. I've wanted a niner forever. A niner is one of a limited run of about 10,000 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokees that came from the factory with a 360 cubic inch Magnum engine rated at 260hp and a smile-inducing 355 ft-lbs of torque. That engine was mated to a 46re (the niners were the only Grand Cherokees to get this transmission; the others got the 44rh, 46rh, 42re, or 44re) and an NV249 that spun a D30 up front and a TracLock D44a in the back. I've seen sites that claim there are only 5,000-6,000 of these left in the world. But enough with the history lesson, on to the Jeep!!! I found this thing rotting away in a West Virginia field. It had been used and abused and left for dead. But the price was right... $1,400 later I had my niner. It was a little dirty inside and out... The PO spraypainted the head and tail lights and didn't bother taping anything off... The exhaust was cut off and hanging loose. I gave it a quick bath when I got home. It cleaned up OK. Still lightyears away from my dream Jeep, though.
  15. I don't know if you're familiar with the Highlander TV show, but the main character's name was Duncan MacLeod. My little brother's name is Duncan McCloud.

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