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  1. That looks like it will be a fun trip! Unfortunately, I'll be out of town for that one. I already made plans to be back in NY... Will have to catch the next one
  2. So out of curiosity, where are the more popular places to wheel (besides big dogs)? Lately, trying to find out more about potts mountain has consumed my days. I saw this thread, http://www.vaoffroadsports.com/forum/showthread.php/2041-Potts-Mountain-Jeep-Trail-delayed-opening-2013, but I haven't been able to find out too much more. A few videos here, a few old postings there, but nothing recent and not too much to really figure out what I need and how I get there.
  3. Weak spots... the biggest being NY winters. Besides the usual maintenance and wear and tear, I get to play "replace body parts". The joys of an aluminum outer shell and the finest of British steel holding it all together. Combine that with the boatloads of salt used and you get one rusty rover.
  4. Thanks! And I'll have to start one this week - It's a fun, work in progress. that seems to have a mentality of "Work hard, break harder".
  5. Hi Everyone, I've officially have been in Virginia for a week now and trying to become more involved with the local off roading clubs. I'm originally from Rochester and wheeled with the Fingerlakes4x4 club Now, in the Herndon area, and still trying to get adjusted, I need a place to wheel! It's been a week of searching and there looks to be a lot of fun trails in the area that I want to explore... and I'm excited to be living so close to Big Dogs Offroad as well. I drive a 1990 land rover range rover which doubles as both my daily driver and off road rig.
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