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  1. crosswell

    '92 xj

    Looks really good even though the pic is a bit small! Cheers.
  2. I do agree with you. Very poor craftsmanship and very unsafe.
  3. Looks a good project car... It surely have some potentials.
  4. Shiny Ram and rugged Jeep. Good taste! By the way what brand of billet grille does your ram have? Welcome by the way...
  5. Hello and welcome aboard here in the va off road sports!
  6. Just a question what seat and harness are you using in your jeep?
  7. Well if installing skids would solve the problem than it way to go. But have you considered check other manufactures or fabricating?
  8. crosswell

    '92 xj

    Man you ride looks very masculine... I would say it a good decision of you reviving it.
  9. crosswell

    79 bronco

    Project bronco looks good... Any new and updated pics of it?
  10. Interesting link. Thanks for sharing, I will try this over the weekend.
  11. We tried doing this in our state, but apparently we received a ticket due to no side mirrors installed pity.
  12. I agree this also happened to my vehicle, codes appeared stating a misfiring in some of the cylinders. But in the end it was just a faulty O2 sensor.
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