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  1. Been working on a custom width Ford 9”. The base was a Full-width 9” from my 78 F150, it had axle bearing seat damage from being ran dry, warped the housing end... cut down to CJ wide-track width... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Started building a new transom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Picked up an old 1979 Delhi 1430 Jon Boat last week. Price was great for a project and included title... plan to get it water worthy & get to fishing with my sons. The trip to pick it up without a truck was fun to say the least... My 7yo says we need to drop the 351 from my 78 F150 into it & build a speedboat... Atleast he has vision lol!! Boat has been well used & has some scars from the rivers & being overloaded. I will be brazing the couple holes closed, checking all rivets for leaks, rebucking those that can, and replacing the others. Then sealing everything up with 3M 5200 Marine sealant. After that will follow a few coats of Wetlander Slick Bottom, and repaint the topside with a light color. I will also be building a new transom board, adding a 5hp outboard, trolling motor & fish/depth finder... Previous owners added a make-shift compartment that I’ll use for battery storage & other storage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome to the site Dewan! What kind of off roading are you wanting to get into? I'm not too familiar with trails in Northern VA Area, maybe @gr8dain could help. I know many public trails atleast in my area in Southwestern VA, are kind of tight for a full size truck. Something I can suggest, that's a bit old-school, but how I got started, was to buy an Offroad/Trail Atlas at the local book store specific to Virginia. Granted many trails are closed to vehicles, still great way to scout stuff out especially if you also enjoy hiking. #1 Tip is to never go on any trail alone. Even if you know 100 people who said they've done it solo, I never recommend going alone. as what can go wrong will go wrong... I've received my fair share of late night calls asking for help to get off a mountain side due to a break down or getting stuck.
  5. I love this old Jeep! If I make it out your way, We'll have to definitely touch base!
  6. YJeXtreme

    VAOS 93 ZJ

    Finally got the rig home last week. Big thanks to Mike for the deal & hauling it. Sourced a working, used trans. Will need to replace battery, go through the brakes & swap trans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. YJeXtreme

    98 zj

    Holy hell! That sucks! Let me know what they charge for rebuild, since I’ve got a 93 Needing trans overhaul.
  8. We had fliers made, and handed out some at the local MDA Car Show. We'll have the RTI ramp at the show. Still working on getting donations together for raffle.
  9. Stay safe! What service are you in?
  10. Any reason for going with a 10b for the sas? D44 has heavier aftermarket support. How are you planning to handle the width differences?
  11. Welcome to Virginia Offroad Sports! Looks like you've ran the older Yota's hard, getting some serious air! Be sure to hit the Mechanics Corner section and post up some build specs, and future build plans!
  12. Awesome, one of my favorite wheeling spots was mostly old creek beds. Ton of rocks in a small 40-50 acre area. We had a blast there, but it got shut down. I'll definitely have to check this place out, but doubt it'll be this run you posted about.
  13. Mostly mud & trails? Or are there rock areas to play on too? This is about w 1 1/2hr from Roanoke, so I’m interested in learning more!
  14. Welcome aboard! I’m not very knowledgable on Yotas, i thought T100s were 2x4??
  15. Welcome! On Jeep #30?? I thought I had a lot, I'm only on about #12. I'm picking up a 93 ZJ, which will be my first that I've owned, but I've had my hands on several for repairs or mild builds. Have also owned a XJ, few CJ7s, couple YJs, J20, and a MJ. What are the plans for your 98?
  16. Well the bearing was destroyed... looks like it siezed, spun the race then ate itself alive... 4th pic shows where the race cracked. The housing end is 99% in tolerance with some added material at L & R center line. Gently honed it out to remove burs. Will be reassembled with Loctite bearing retaining compound on the race.
  17. Brrr! Snow still on the ground! Willys looks great though!
  18. Welcome to Virginia Offroad Sports! Be sure to post up a quick intro!

  19. until
    Virginia Offroad Sports is teaming up with Drag Links Car Club to host a benefit Car, Truck and Bike show to benefit the local Military Family Support Center. Stay tuned for updates to come!
  20. Welcome to Virginia Offroad Sports!

  21. YJeXtreme

    VAOS 93 ZJ

    Depends on the carb... Quality High CFM can run as much as EFI retrofits that are capable of supplying fuel up to 1200 HP. My 78 will be getting the Holley Sniper Setup, and I've got plans for multi-port EFI on the small block I'll be building for my 56 Vic. The Vic, as I envision will be pushing 700-800hp at crank off 351W based motor. But it will be twin turbo, built 4R70W electronic OD trans, Fully tunable Holley management system, and LS styled intake that holley is putting out for the 351Ws
  22. YJeXtreme

    VAOS 93 ZJ

    Why go back in time? Efi & electronic trans are leaps & bounds better than old school tech. But you can find rolling shells for around $400-500 with no motor or trans. As for NOS... it’s fun, but wreaks havoc on internals with too many sprays. I prefer forced induction Also look up Azn’s AWD hemi grand... it puts out quite a bit.
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