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    Welcome to the site! Please also stop by the Introductions section & post an intro. I’ve heard of clearshine through some friends, but haven’t tried it. I’ve always used old school wax.
  2. YJeXtreme

    Checking in from Barboursville

    Welcome to VA Offroad Sports! That’s a killer EB! Dig the 79 too! Would love to see a build topic for both! I’d guess being in Barboursville, you know Tony M? I love his 68 EB. Ever wheel yours at Crozet?
  3. YJeXtreme

    Jeep CJ7 Heater Fan Upgrade

    Place-Holder Topic: 78-86 Jeep CJ and 87-90 Jeep Wrangler YJ Heater Blower Motor (Fan) Upgrade As anyone with a CJ knows, the heaters, while great, still leave a bit to be desired. Later model jeeps, such as 91+ YJ's have a better heater blower motor, that pump a great deal of air through the small interior of a Jeep, but the CJ's utilize a fairly small blower motor. A very common, and some-what decently documented upgrade since the 80's has been using a larger blower motor from GM/Chevy. In my research, most use one from a "1973 Blazer" Where discrepancies come in play are that many say to search for vehicles "with A/C" whereas others state to search for vehicles "with out A/C." This topic is meant to help guide anyone looking for pictures, details, tips and tricks in completing this mod.
  4. YJeXtreme

    VA Off Road Swag

    Who would be interested in some VA Off Road Sports Swag? A few years back we had T-shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, and some Hoodies made... My sons have been begging for hoodies, and my 10yo has passed down his t-shirt to his 6yo brother. Pics below show original shirts, may update the logo though. I'm trying to gauge the interest before I float the funds for the shirts! I also have decals available in the Store.
  5. YJeXtreme

    Fun in the Snow

    First big snow of the year. Who’s going to go play in it?
  6. YJeXtreme

    Fun in the Snow

    Some fun in the field today...
  7. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    I just traded the XJ tonight... Went oldschool & smaller... 1984 Jeep CJ7 Renegade -112k orig miles -Orig paint & interior -Rebuilt 258, T176, Dana 300 -1pc rear shaft upgrade -3.5" lift -33s -Factory hardtop & doors
  8. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Any luck on checking on this Dain? I've been reading a few different people's accounts. Some have to clearance the battery tray, some do not. Could just be how good they were at getting the enlarged opening evenly opened up from center.
  9. Nice Bronco in your Cover photo! Would love to hear more about it! Feel free to post up in the forums!

  10. Working on some improvements & fixes. - Fixed the broken signup features for Facebook, Twitter & Google+ - Fixed the issue with uploading photos into existing or creating new albums - Beginning to upload old pictures that somehow were lost during site transition or never loaded previously - Actively working to advertise the site & get existing clubs/groups online. I’m open to ideas & suggestions. ** Note some features are only available from mobile internet browser or desktop browser **
  11. YJeXtreme

    Dec 2018 Updates

    Found that several forums were completely hidden from view. Even from the Admin level. Fixed this and reorganized to make navigation much simpler! If you come across any issues please notify us via the Support tab, Emailing admin@vaoffroadsports.com or from our Facebook Page.
  12. YJeXtreme

    Fun in the Snow

    When its a “dire necessity” to goto the grocery store... ol CJ hasn’t stretched it’s snow legs in 3 yrs or so!
  13. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    I’ve though about it. A bit curious how it will affect the battery tray? The stock fan motor sits very close to it, I know the blazer fan is larger.
  14. YJeXtreme

    My new addition - 1984 CJ7

    Been awhile since I’ve updated... Busted the lockright during the June annual cruise night acting like a 16yo... Took me awhile but I finally installed new spartan locker in Oct. Also scored a hard to find Factory 20gal tank setup & low (100k) mileage dash/gauge cluster to replace the crappy aftermarket speedometer in mine... I’ve also replaced all the window & weather seals in the doors. Up next is installing new hinge bushings/liners for the doors. Also have new Pro Comp 51 Series (D-Window) wheels with 2.5” backspacing. The current wheels have 3.75” backspace, which if I had stock CJ steering arms wouldn’t be an issue. I don’t like spacers, so opted for new wheels. When they get here I’m going to make a jig/template from my OEM CJ wagon wheel for the center cap bolt pattern. Then I will drill the new wheels to fit the OEM chrome caps! (Pic for reference... not my caps, found on Google) I’m also debating installing sound deadener & carpet and/or vinyl flooring. Something to help hold the heat in during the cooler months. Will also need to replace the Waterpump, have heater core recored & replace heater fan (original has bearing whine). Waterpump is leaking. Cant recall if I replaced it 5 1/2yrs ago when I rebuilt the head & timing set... Recent goif-off pics!
  15. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    I picked up a 78 F-150 Custom, from my bestfriend. He and his dad had it for the last 25 or so years. It's been sitting for about the last 4-5yrs, so working on getting it running again, and on the road. Over time I'll fix the typical ford-rust areas, mostly in the bed. Specs: Short Bed 4x4 351M, 2bbl, Automatic Trans 33x12.50 Yokohama Geolanders Damn good interior
  16. YJeXtreme

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom

    Been awhile since I’ve updated this... had snafu with Crank in July when i knocked it over, taking out a big chunk of it & my leg/bad ankle... scored a good core crank for $100, had it magnafluxed & turned. Since i had to redo the crank, i bought new Sealed Power flattop pistons to bump compression up. Had entire rotating assembly balanced, resized the rods, crank was polished... started assembly awhile back & have been lazy in the shop the last few months...
  17. YJeXtreme

    Budds Creek Nationals

    "Welcome to the 30th running of the Budds Creek National. This year's Budds Creek National will serve as the penultimate round of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing" Sourced From: https://mxsportsproracing.com/event/budds-creek-national
  18. YJeXtreme

    Annual Douthat Lake Run Car Show

    Annual Douthat Lake Run Car Show, presented by the Douthat SPEED Group. Sunday only...registration 9am, show noon-5.....can camp all weekend for $60 and that will include registration fee too. More details to come soon, visit https://www.facebook.com/DouthatSPEEDgroup/ for updates.
  19. YJeXtreme

    Gr8Dain's Willys

    That’s amazing!! I love finding little glimpses into history like that. I purchased some 1965 VA License plates about 6 yrs ago that ended up having 3 sets of DMV returns. They were signed & dated by DMV clerks in 65 with new tag # written on them too. Such as Customer turned in Truck tags for CONV tags.
  20. YJeXtreme

    Gr8Dain’s 84Scrambler

    Awesome. I just fixed the rivets in my metal strip as 2/3 of them broke off. Have a part# by chance on those latches? I love that idea better than going up a screw size.
  21. I’m sending out some preliminary ideas to some local organizations for a fairly large Auto-show. Our focus on proceeds has always been to benefit local children, and this is unchanged. My thoughts are this year to either donate towards Autism Education & Support, or towards the Children’s Hospital. The date will be tentatively set for Late April or Early-Mid May. Keep posted for updates!
  22. YJeXtreme

    Gr8Dain’s 84Scrambler

    I love the hatch idea! I’ll be doing 20g tank swap soon. May snag this! Also like your latch setup. How did you attach it to the top? Holding up well? Most of the original screw holes in my windshield frame are now oversized.
  23. YJeXtreme

    Gr8Dain’s 84Scrambler

    We've picked up donor XJ's early 90s ODB I for around $400 in Roanoke Area. I've debated swapping over an entire 4.0 and AX15 or NV3550 into mine, since I went with 4.56 gears. Not sure what my highway mileage is... but around town I'm averaging 16-17mpg. I'd love the OD gear for cruising. as I too currently use my CJ for mostly Daily Driving.
  24. YJeXtreme

    Gr8Dain’s 84Scrambler

    I've debated on adding the Holley Sniper to my CJ7, but not sure if the added cost is really worth it over going with a tried and true GM TBI style EFI. Affordable Fuel Injection has same setup as Howell using GM TBI, for $770 to my door. My other thoughts, were to go with a 4.0L head conversion and run the factory Multi-port EFI. They're not hard to pin out the harness and make them work, I got started by building an AMC, and alot of the AMC guys swap the 4.0 into their Ramblers in place of the old 196 and 232s.