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  1. I've used the Jack multiple times and all but one outcome was good. I bought the base on craigslist for $20 and the place I shop at online was charging $40 so I jumped on the deal. I was just wondering where ya'll mount it at. Looks like I'll be looking at a new tool box here soon for the base and the other stuff I'm starting to accumulate. Lol
  2. Does anyone use a High Lift Jack Base for there Hi Lift. If so what size bolt do you need to mount it to the jack or where do yall store it when not in use?
  3. I love camping but I don't know how the kid will take to it. The place sounds amazing and I'm going to start planning now for a trip up there even if its just to see what the place is like. Also I finally got some pics up and there will be more to follow. I'll make sure to take pics of everything I do and add it to the build forum.
  4. Never mind. I finally figured it out.
  5. Never mind. I finally figured it out.
  6. Ok. I'm not the best with computers. How in the world do I change my Avatar pic. I'm lost right now.
  7. jeeptweeker


  8. I'm working on getting a pic up still. I would love to make a run up there with ya'll but that's going to take a lot of planning on my end down here. I looked up the area and its about 5 hours away from me but that's do able especially because I need to get my jeep off of the black top. Right now I'm about to replace my top and a water pump and I need to go over the front-end before I take off for that far of a drive. Plus I have the ole lady and kid that I'm trying to get out of the damn house. Is there a specific date that the Jeep trial closes for the year or anything? I think it would be pretty cool to do something like that in the winter but I love the outdoors that much. I'll get a pic up as soon as I can guys.
  9. How far is it from Virginia Beach?
  10. I'm good and yes I do live in the area. I'm right outside of the Little creek base.
  11. Thanks for the welcomes. I would have got on sooner but I just got back from Texas.
  12. I'm looking forward to being able to meeting up with yall and doing some trial rides soon. I hope to have I pic of my jeep up soon. It's a 2004 TJ sport that's not stock. hope to see yall soon.

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