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  1. evolution

    JKfreaks.com local trail ride Feb 1st

    id love to go myself but aint been on here in awhile so its short notice for me.. maybe next time.. thanks for posting thou
  2. evolution

    Stone Anderson Benefit 4x4 & Truck Show

    ill be there jt...
  3. evolution

    My 95 Yj Build

    well im goin on a cruise next week and be gone for 12 days, i can hollar at ya when i get back
  4. evolution

    B jones's 94 YJ

    looking good bro
  5. evolution

    My 95 Yj Build

    now its ready for me..
  6. evolution

    4x4 and Truck Show Plans

    count me in this year.. try my best.. coolin4u, what do you drive? im in covington also..
  7. evolution

    Needing YJ springs.

    hey pal, give me a few weeks and i will have a set, i got a lift to put on one and these will be off.. i will let ya kno.. im not sure what he will want for them..
  8. evolution

    evolution's 97 jeep tj

    well currie had a bad batch.. they sending me new ones as soon as i can sit everything up
  9. evolution

    evolution's 97 jeep tj

    well i havet posted on here for some while now.. the jeep is done for at least a few mins or so. its been done for a couple of months and had it wheeling down at golden mountain offroad park and it did great, broke a front pass axle on sec. day and trashed a currie johnny joint on sunday on the last trail.. brand new stuff.. lol.. anyways she does great on the road and no problems so far.. does need a new rad. because its leaking.. i will post some pics soon
  10. evolution

    Top Shelf Scrambler

    looks good man, sometime i will havet to stop by also
  11. evolution

    evolution's 97 jeep tj

    well heres a few pics of my jeep ive been workin on get ready for the trail again.. go thru what it is right now.. 97 tj sport 4.o 5 speed dana 44 front 4:88 gears detroit locker, high steer 9in rear with 4:88 gears , yukon grizzly locker, moser axles 18" wheels on 37" bfg's.. custom long arm with tri link in the rear.. all custom bumpers and cage made my myself..
  12. evolution

    Sean aka Scrambled

    welcome welcome welcome..
  13. evolution

    VA Offroad Sports Swag

    i take two of the 1.5 ones..one for truck and one for jeep in the black
  14. evolution

    The "What did you get done this weekend" thread!

    Stayed sick.. now got to play a bunch of catch up...
  15. evolution

    VA Offroad Sports Swag

    Hey jt is all u got is white? Like to have two in black