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  1. Actually there is no update unfortunately. I got deployed overseas for a while and I'll have to try to get it done when I get home later this summer.
  2. My Jeep isn't my daily driver so I don't mind taking the time to do the prep work. I plan on going the outside as well if the inside turns out good.
  3. Thanks. Looking forward to hopefully getting tied in to some trail riding info and maybe some tech help as I start to tackle more projects on the Jeep.
  4. Cool thanks. I like the idea of a spray on kit, no particular reason why. Maybe because I just finished painting my garage and I don't want to see another paint roller for a long long time.
  5. I'm prepping to rip all my carpet out and get my Jeep interior bed lined. Has anyone in here used a DIY liner kit on their rig? Something like the Raptor Liner kits you can get on Amazon. There's lots of YouTube videos of people spraying vehicles with it but I'm curious how many of those ever see any off road action. I'd much rather do it myself than pay someone too much. My plan is to do the interior first and see how that goes and if I like it then I'll repeat on the exterior.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm Doug and I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. I stumbled across this forum looking for some Jeep trails in Virginia. I moved to Amissville from Baltimore back in February and now that everything is settled from the move I'm ready to get back out on some trails. I'm active military and spent about 10 years in Colorado. I drive a 2010 2 door Jeep JK that's way too clean right now. Thanks for including me in the forum. Cheers Doug
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