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  1. Well, no turning back now. Removed the manyal pedal box and installed the auto pedal box. What a pain in the arse. 2.5 hours but it felt like 8. Had to remove the fuse box and drop the steering wheel as low as possible to get the old box out. And ask me why I cleaned and painted the new pedal box? No clue. No one will see it.
  2. Thanks. I can’t wait to get this thing assembled and in the Jeep again. And yeah, I am partial to this color too.
  3. Thanks. I think so too. Just need to do something with that bumper
  4. Finished taking the plow stuff off. Lots more ground clearance now. I have some grinding to do now to clean it up. I will probably get a new bumper too
  5. Took some time after work tonight to start removing the snow plow support parts on the from of my 3a. Got the hoop off. Cut through the bumper in 2 spots, but I can deal with that later. Almost have that horrible part on the bottom off. But I have about an i ch left to cut through on each side where it is welded to the frame rails. The cutting wheel can’t get to it without cutting the spring perches. Tried the reciprocating saw, but I don’t have a sharp enough blade. I really wish I had a plasma cutter.
  6. Got the head machined a couple of weeks ago. Hope to hone the cylinders and reinstall soon.
  7. The Willys was included in a local magazine article about antique vehicles locally owned. And here are a couple of pics taken that did not get included in the article.
  8. I loved my sniper. The thing was dead on reliable and no cold start issues or warming up needed. It had two little issues, which are well known. I had to reset the idle air control by covering it and setting the idle. This was needed to keep from having a super high idle. Took 5 minutes max. The other was the fact that the linkage for the throttle cable connection is not high enough to get enough leverage so you get horrible throttle tip in. I added a flat piece of metal with 2 holes in it to raise the mounting point 1/2 an inch. Solved it. But Holley sells a progressive link for $12. They should just include it in the kit. But again, I loved the sniper and would do it again.
  9. Already sold the sniper and the offy intake from the dead 4.2. Going to use the multiport injection for the 4.0.

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