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  1. Found out that I have constant hot power to my IGNition circuit in the fuse block. Not supposed to be that way. I have reached out to Hotwire, who built my harness to see how that gets rectified. It may be back-feed that is tripping the ASD relay.
  2. Anything is possible. It has been down about 1.5 years now. I am going to disconnect all wiring for the radio as well as the aux power ports and test them individually using direct connections to the battery. Just to make certain what is good or not.
  3. Sigh. Today was a couple of steps forward and one step back. I mounted the winch and front bumper. Then I moved inside the cab to clean up some wiring. Things look better. I even got the power ports wired up and working. Then moved on to the radio. After wiring it up, it did not turn on. Hmmm. Tried to use the same circuit as the power ports, then I heard a pop and a sizzle. Now the power ports don’t work. Grrrr. So I walked away for the day.
  4. It was a pretty productive day. I installed the head pipe so that I could install the O2 sensor. That was when I discovered that TJs have the exhaust cross over to the passenger side. Oh well. Now I need to decide if I keep this head pipe or switch it out when I run the while exhaust. I also installed the Tom Woods drive shafts. Then I started it up (bypassing the ASD again). I let it idle for a long time to get it up to temp and check for leaks. No leaks. So I ran the lights wiring again and installed the lights. When I tested them, they kind of worked. Oh and the horn works. So y
  5. I wanted to get at least the front O2 sensor attached, so I took a gamble on ordered a heap pipe for a TJ. I hope this connects and clears the bell housing. I would think that it should. But we will see. I really need to either move the Jeep into the garage or have good weather this weekend.
  6. I test fit it last night. The bucket for the light on the passenger side needed a slight trimming. No big deal. Chose to do than rather than take it apart and move the trans cooler toward the driver
  7. Radiator is in and coolant added. Also got longer hoses for the trans cooler. All buttoned up and ready for the lights and wiring to go back in.
  8. I went out between work meetings today and mounted it all. There is a gap between the straps and the radiator. It sits higher on the radiator with the straps. I hope it does not interfere with the headlight. I will see. I would hate to have to undo all of this. I also mounted the radiator inside of the frill like I used to have it with the 258 since the fan is a bit closer to the radiator than I wanted.
  9. New radiator going in. Decided to make brackets for the trans cooler rather than just using the little zip tie things through the fins.
  10. Pulled these into the house (from the brown truck) and set them under the tree that is still up.
  11. Since my radiator sprung a leak, I decided to order a new one and remove the grill and old radiator before the 12” of snow starts tomorrow. I hate going backwards. But at least I gad not put the front bumper and winch back on yet. I am not sure if the radiator got nicked when it was in the garage for a year or if it was due to the plastic zip tie like things that I used to attach the trans cooler to it. I am hoping the former as I don’t know how I would install the trans cooler this next time. Maybe attach it to two long bands that span the front of the radiator and attach to the mounti
  12. So I borrowed an ECM from a friend and no change. I thought it might be the ignition switch, but nope. So I am going to try to talk with Hotwire to see if they can help out. I got it up to temp and the radiator was spraying coolant everywhere. Yay.
  13. I assume that the ECM I have is not for a chipped key. But in any case, last night i borrowed an ECM from a friend. I will swap it in and see if it acts the same. Trying to narrow things down.
  14. The chipped key was an option for the XJ starting in 98 according to what I have read, but I am sure that is not my issue. I do not have a check engine light, so I won’t see that I have codes unless I plug my scan tool into the OBD2 port. I am not sure how they did it, but you can inquire with Hotwire. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I hate wiring and would never have been able to build a harness as nice as this.
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