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  1. Not really doing much other than enjoying the Willy. I took it out on a tour of civil war battlefields in Fredericksburg, VA yesterday along with some other flatfenders.
  2. Putzing around a little today. Ran the transmission cable to the shifter, and cleaned up some wiring under the dash. I promise to do a better job when I run those items back (CB, 12v/usb, tach, aux gauges, radio, etc. i found one unidentified orange wire that was running from the original dash harness through the firewall to the motor. I guess I will find out at some point if I need it.
  3. Progress made today. Start to finish was 4 hours of lots of pulling and pushing and cursing. And I think I destroyed the new starter. Oh well. Motor is in. Then I pit the grill on temporarily to see if I had space for the fan. I do. I am going to leave the grill on for a while. It looks nice that way again.
  4. Ok. So the replacement retaining ring and stock length input shaft came in last week. So I got a few hours to play with the Jeeps today. So I got the old parts off, and the new parts on, and looky here. It mates right up to the aw4.
  5. Having an issue with the i put shaft of the t-case bottoming out when connecting it to the transmission. I am going to research about thicker clocking rings.
  6. Took some time away from work to make a shifter work in the Scrambler. Took an old B&M shifter that was on a riser, and took the riser off. Added it to the XJ shifter I got with my motor and trans. Test fit. I like the height. Better than having to lean way over. But if I want to conceal it with the black surround box thing, I will have to move my cb speaker. Maybe not a big deal since I want to go GMRS anyway. But I am leaf spring poor and trying to not spend tons of money right now.
  7. For the harness, I took the CJ harness and sent it with the bulkhead connector from my CJ to Hotwire in AR and they built a new harness for me to run all of the parts in the engine that I needed/wanted. It was pricy, but since I hate wiring, it was worth it. As for using the XJ motor, I have accessories for a YJ and TJ to put onto the motor and use the serp setup and make it all work. Oh and some WJ parts as well. I have a paper list that I used for the main breakdown of parts needed. For the ECM, I just picked one up off of Ebay. One also came with the motor, so I now have 2. [emoji2
  8. Not too exciting. But since my son finally put his new passenger seat in his car, I got to install the one he took out into the Scrambler. So out went the BesTop Trailmax seat and in went this “racing” seat. I did the driver side a while ago.
  9. Had to put a new gear on the Advance Adapters 32 spline output shaft in my dana 300 so that my speedo gear turns and sends a signal to the vss to the computer. It went smoother than I expected. Not usually the case for me. Next up is installing the freshly cleaned and painted i take and new exhaust manifold.
  10. I am going to use the stock XJ i take with injectors. I have one that is the horse shoe shape, but when cleaning it, I saw there was a crack. So getting another one on Monday. I had the sniper on the 258 and I wonder if that had something to do with killing the motor. It was a 4bbl set for a vehicle with 200-600 HP. It ran well, but damn, I hated it when the motor died. Since the 4.0 has stock fuel injection, I will just use that.
  11. Pit some odds and ends on the motor, then married the transmission to it. I need to wait for an intake manifold before I can stab it into the Scrambler. Baby steps
  12. Here is a video of the the last part of the build before I picked it up. Rick and Dave are the guys assembling everything.
  13. Installed the hard top to test fit the new slider uppers. Love the half cab look. From To I can’t wait for the new motor to go in and fire up. Then put the 35s on it.
  14. If it gets you out enjoying adventures, that is what matters.

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