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  1. Wheeled it today. And it did great. I wish I had pics of me hitting the red obstacle, but I was focused on driving. But I am very happy with the motor, the trans, and especially the 4:1 transfer case. It crawled so nicely!
  2. Loaded it up on a friend’s trailer. Heading to Rausch Creek in PA tomorrow for three days of wheeling with a bunch of Scramblers. Fingers crossed that the new motor/trans and the 4:1 make things go much better for me than the past trips. It is also the first test towing the Scrambler with the Ram. This should be fun.
  3. Got new wiper blades. Went with 12” I found at Auto Zone. Also painted the ugly spare I have mounted on the back. Also drove it in a Memorial Day Flag Ride from Sterling, VA to Hillsboro, VA to Harvest Gap brewery. Not a long ride but some stretches at 60+mph. I am getting more and more comfortable with the Scrambler motor each drive. From To Now I need to do the rest of them. They look so bad in comparison now.
  4. Added a tow bar set up that I picked up today. Now I can take the Willys to parades and the shows that are further away without renting a trailer.
  5. Should have tried to do this before I went to my club’s the show and shine, but thanks to A friend’s idea to air down the spare tire since I have an air tank if needed, I was able to mount the spare using two of the three bolts with the tire at 8 psi. I will be getting an extension to try in June. But this should work for now.
  6. Installed the Barnes 4wd crossmember/skid so that I don’t have the drop in the stock one.
  7. Took it to the Leesburg Cars and Coffee. All went well. Shocker. Then after yard work, I hardwired my GMRS radio. Previously I had it just plugged into my 12v outlet, but on the trails, I will need that for my trail camera. For now the antenna that came with it is magnetically stuck to the roll bar. I used the ever useful zip ties to make sure the wind won’t blow it away. It may end up there permanently, it may not. So no surgery was done to run that wire. Man that antenna is small and hard to see.
  8. How ‘bout this for some hack repair? I went to make more room for my twin sticks in case they were bumping the tub and causing the t-case to pop out of gear. Dremel came out to play. The “front” stick definitely hit the tub. The rear had some room, but I gave it some more. Then to clean it up and cover the extra size of the hole, black gorilla tape came out to play. Damn this Jeep is getting more hacked up. But i don’t care. As long as the twin sticks work right. And I have a metal blank to make a new cover if I care to in the future. And I learned that my rear stick was not fully enga
  9. Well, this past Sunday I was driving about 45 mph on a main road when it seemed like my transfer case popped out of High gear. I limped it home in low. Got home monkeyed with it and rebent the twin sticks thinking the stick might have bumped the edge of the hole in the trans tunnel. I took it for a test drive tonight. It happened again. The lever looked to be in the right place, and I popped it i to neutral and then back to High. Nothing. Then put it in low and moved pff the road. Put it back in high and it worked for the rest of the way. This is not giving me the warm and fuzzies
  10. So I got all of my lights working. And that included the Crown marker light being wired backwards.
  11. Big day for me. I made a lot of progress on the lights. I got the radio working again yesterday, which was super important. [emoji12] But today I played hooky from work and played with the scrambler. I cleaned up a ground for the passenger headlight, swapped in a new hi-beam pedal, ran a new power feed to the brake pedal switch, swapped in a few new bulbs and found out that my turn signal flasher was destroyed by water. Switched it with the hazard flasher and now I have side and rear turn signals, but not the front. But tail lights and brake lights work, along with low and high beam and
  12. New muffler installed this morning. Then started working on my wiring to the lights. Gave up on the wiring. It is not my thing. I need “pro” help. So I went and took it for a drive and adjusted the TV cable to see if the shift points improved. At the gas station I discovered that my sending unit was not tightened down all of the way. Oops. Food thing I have the access panel! But I will say that I am happy with the way it drives. I will have to get used to the auto though. I keep wanting to press a clutch pedal.
  13. Took it for a test drive this evening. In the rain. It did well. I need a muffler.
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