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  1. I am in Ashburn, and take the dive up to Tremont, PA a couple of times a year to go to Rausch Creek Off Road park. They have some really nice trails from easy greens to “buggy only” reds/purples. There is another park up there that I have not been to called AOAA. I hear good things about it. Good luck and don’t tackle the trails alone. Always have at least one other off road vehicle with you. Just saying it in case you were unaware of that. In fact Raush Creek won’t let you go out alone. They will add you to another group or make you stay in the parking lot.
  2. Hey Dewan. The closest public trails to Northern VA are in the GW National forest. Flagpole knob (by Harrisonburg) is a nice easy trail to get started. There are a few different trails around it to get up there and a few to get back down. There is also Peter’s Mill a little further down. There is a private camp ground/trail system in Gore VA (by Winchester) called The Cove. A local guy who runs a company called Big Dogs hosts events there. If you are going with a group of 10 rigs or more, you need to go through his company. If it is a smaller group, you can go without being part of one of his events. There is also Chaos Offroad park. Look them up. They have a small trail sustem right over the WV border. But their shop is in Winchester.
  3. Please do. I posed it on a fake rock at a new local dealership today.
  4. Took it for a tour around the back roads of Loudoun County with 3 other flat fenders
  5. Welcome! Here is my CJ8
  6. Thanks. And yes some snow is still on the ground. But it got up to about 38 today and sunny so a lot melted off the sidewalks and streets. Tomorrow should be near 50 so it might all be gone by then.
  7. Not as big of a project today. I took out my old (1996?) suction cup mount phone holder and installed a RAM mount using a screw in ball replacing one of the dash bolts. So far I like it a lot.
  8. The best is if you are using a captive discharge box. I have not researched much at this point. But they suggest letting it learn without timing for a while before you add the timing control.
  9. I did not even know it would control my fans. That was a bonus. And at some point after it does its learning, I will tie it into the timing.
  10. Turns out it was just a matter of adjusting the idle screw on the unit. Doh! I will see how it goes tomorrow on my way to work.
  11. Sure. I am having an issue where the revs don’t drop to normal after warming up. But it is just one day. I am going to create a data log and see if Holley can help determine the cause.
  12. Since I have the Offenhauser intake and had a Holley 4bbl carb on it, I went with kit 550-511k made to replace the 4bbl carbs. I looked at the 2bbl one for the CJs but would had to replace the intake. More than I wanted to deal with.
  13. And cleaned up Put the display on the dash Put the temp control sensor in the heater hose Test drove it today. The system will be “learning” for a bit. But confirmed that the fans kick on at temp. Throttle response is way different that before. I barely have to hit the pedal and it wants to spin the tires leaving from a stop. It will take a bit for me to get used to it.
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