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  1. Hey guys, my son was given a large collection of RC items a while back. Neither he or I know a whole lot about what he has. He would like to sell it all in one shot. We are thinking about $350-400 If it's something anyone would be interested in looking at, please contact me and I can give you the address for you to come look at them. It really is a lot of stuff. I can be reached here, but easier at ken@dribnus.com or 540-354-5577.
  2. There's a couple of ways to get to it. We went up 311 to the Swinging Bridge Rest (about 10 miles from Potts), turn left at the gas station and went about 15-20 minutes then left on White Rock. You'll come to a sign for Mountain Lake to the left, take the left. The start of the trail was at a parking area about 10-15 minutes up on the right. It's on Google maps if you zoom in near White Rock Campground. You can also get to you from 460 near The Cascades, or from the top of Mountain Lake from 460 as well. https://www.google.com/maps/@37.4054617,-80.5730344,15z
  3. We took some pics of the water and mud coming back down out of the sky after going thru, but not really anything of the trail. It's very similar to Lignite, but much longer.
  4. So we decided to go exploring today. Glad we did. We found a trail off of Mountain Lake Road (The White Rock side). It's to the right at a parking area. I'm sure others have been there, but we accidently found it. It goes up the mountain has different splits, and eventually, you end backup on Big Stoney Creek. However; if you depend on GPS, she'll take you backup the mountain on the trail. I think she likes 4 wheelin'. Anyhow, it was a great ride, but it did require a stop at the car wash when finished. Lot's of mud holes to go through. Overall, an exciting ride. It's not Potts, but I can't do that yet anyhow.
  5. I'm sure there are people with private land for trail riders they know. However; I've been out of this network for a while and don't really know anyone with land like this. I'm just looking for a place to ride trails through the mountains and maybe some fun mud holes. Not looking to tear anyones land up or anything like that, just wanting to have some fun with our jeep. There's a couple of other guys that are in the same situation as I am. I used to really enjoy Lignite, until people got stupid and tore it up and forced it to be closed. I like Potts, but looking for a little more laid back, but not as laid back as Broad Run. Anyhow, any suggestions or contacts would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Well, with a sideless soft top and 2 kids in the back to freeze, I think we will pass on taking the Yota out today. So, we are just going to take the Pathfinder for a ride into the mountains on paved roads. I was hoping it would be in the 40's all day, but oh well. Maybe next time.
  7. Thanks guys for responses. The Bald Mountain I'm thinking of is just a dirt road. Is there a trail off of it? If so, I would like to do that. It's been so long since I've been up there, I can't remember. I think the last time I went to Bald Mountain was when I found out Lignite was closed.
  8. Well I guess there's not much going on tomorrow. I think we'll head to Potts West. I've been there once a few years ago. If anyone wants to join us around 11, let me know.
  9. It's been a long time since I've been on here. I guess if I'm not able to go wheelin, I tend not too keep up with what's going on. Anyhow, it's been about a year since I've been able to get out and go somewhere and we want to take the boys this Sat. I was thinking about Stoney Run/Shoe Creek, but I've only been once and can't remember exactly where it is. Can anyone tell me how to get there once I get off the Interstate at exit 205? Or, is anyone going to any other trails this Sat where we can tag along?
  10. Hey Will, you wanna go to Potts again on Sat?

  11. Crossroads Hobbies & Crafts (540) 387-3414 1104 W Main St Salem, VA 24153
  12. I didn't really get the chance to test the rockers.....rode the river bed for a little bit between crossings, and it handled great. Then I tried to get it out of 4WD, that's when the problem started with the transfer case. So from that point, I just unlocked the hubs and ran in 2wd the rest of the day. Still a fun day, glad to get back into the mountains.
  13. Went to Broad Run today just to put it through some minor testing. The work that Chris did was great, but there's a possibility that I did some damage to the transfer case internals at the time it originally broke down. I'm going to get it to him down the road to check that for me.
  14. Chris, dude you did an awesome job on this. Thank You. :2thumbsup::2thumbsup::2thumbsup::2thumbsup:
  15. WOW, that's great Chris.
  16. Yippppy, it won't be long. :wings:
  17. We can't wait to get back either. We have been having withdrawals. But yes, it's looking great. :2thumbsup:
  18. Thanx for the pictures Chris.....looking good.
  19. Yota for yota LOL See ya Sunday dude.
  20. Yeah, my yota can't compare to anything he has in his garage. I wonder if he would trade. Hahaha
  21. Thanx for the updates and pictures Chris. Enjoy the lake this weekend. Should be great today.
  22. Ok. We could also come up Sat, but I won't be off work till 5, so it wouldn't be till 7 or so before we got there. Probably wouldn't be much help by then.
  23. Hey Chris, if you want us too, we can come up Sunday afternoon and help get that axle out and anything else you may need help with. Just let me know. Either call, facebook, email, scc....the list goes on. :2thumbsup:
  24. Pictures of build process.
  25. That's a cooooool looking truck. Hey, if anyone has any of the lower end RC that's they want to sell, please let me know. Not wanting, or able, to sink a lot of money into it right now, but my son is interested in building and modifying.
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