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  1. 1995 Toyota t100 DX 4x4, it has the 3.4l v6, r150f five speed trans, it has a lock right in the rear axle, 4.5 inch suspension lift 35x12.50r17s. I bought the truck with a broken rear, bought a parts truck and pieced it back together. It's been a great rig so far, it just works, I have sourced a 10 bolt gm front axle for my future sas.
  2. Another Toyota guy. 😁 Welcome to the forum
  3. They made both. It's basically a 86-95 put, just wider
  4. There are rock areas. Mostly Creek beds.
  5. Wvva Jeeps are going to be riding at Kairos on February the 23rd. I plan to be there hopefully some of y'all can make it. 10am meet up. Come early to sign waviers. $25 day pass $150 year pass. Address is Shumate Falls Road Glen Lyn, Virginia 24093. Expect Creek crossings, Creek crawling, the slickest mud you have ever seen, and expect a great time. Thanks
  6. Hey I'm Dove, I drive a 1995 Toyota T100. Hope to see you all on the trails soon.
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