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  1. I will be running potts tomorrow july 26th if anyone is interested. Will be going bottom up and plan to head up the trail by 10am.
  2. The stacks are super easy now........so easy we passed a stock Chevy tracker 4 door at the rock garden below the stacks. :rotflmao5: I first thought they came down the illegal bypass but it is closed off now! :2thumbsup:
  3. Found another YJ to head up with me so we are going!
  4. Im wanting to ride Potts tomorrow if I can get someone else to go. Wont go by myself. I get off work at 2pm so we would meet at the bottom and head up at 3pm. Have talked to a few people but nobody is certain they are going.
  5. For anyone in the future doing a brown dog mml especially with a 4cylinder, spend the money and get the ultra-flex rubber bushings to start with. I daily drive my jeep 34 miles round trip and it has started to vibrate my fillings out with the poly bushings. Took about 3 hours to change them out when I should have got them in the first place but some on the net said it wasn't that bad........they lied! Maybe not as bad in the 6cylinder but the 4 cylinder is a unbalanced motor and at idle you couldn't see out the mirrors it shook so bad.
  6. The jeep jamboree is coming to the Greenbrier this year Nov. 6-8 but its already sold out! Plus it cost $500 for a family of 4.
  7. Nice job, looks good. :2thumbsup:
  8. Its been so cold and snowy he hasn't got to ride as much as he would like too but I took a little vid of him having a blast.
  9. I hear ya Brandon! My morning trip I saw no cars and 1 plow truck and it was on a primary road and that was the best snow driving you can do, its the plows that open the gates for all the idiots that think they can drive in the snow and apparently plow drivers in your neck of the woods need some lessons . Advance auto opened today so I got a new belt and put it on and am ready for more snow tonight! 1-3 inchs maybe?
  10. No snow wheeling home:( went to get gas when I got off at 6pm and the belt broke on the jeep! Made it to my moms house and parked jeep. Father in law picked me up at 7:30 and I just got home at 9:45! Truck wrecks, idiot drivers and a lack of plowed roads made it a long ride, made the last 2 miles home in a rhino on 26" itp mud lites and it was struggling on the unplowed road but it was fun!:2thumbsup:
  11. Went to work in 12 inchs of snow @ 4:30 this morning......beautiful! VDOT hadn't touched the side roads and it was fun in the ole jeep, the km2's are great in the snow not a bit of problem. Pic of jeep right out of the garage.
  12. Put the broken starter clutch back in minus the one roller that fell out and bike turns over smooth now. So I tried to start it and first time fired right up! :wings: Pulled it out the garage and fired it up and let it warm up for a few minutes then I drove it out the drive way......runs perfect. My son is now practicing riding under the flood lights in our drive way (just learning how to start out in first and make a left turn and back in 1st gear) his smile says it all!
  13. A 240 ft. Lb. Electric impact and held the flywheel with my hand and the nut came off no problem. A large 2 jaw puller and the flywheel was off in a minute or two. Thanks for the ideas guys. I use the rope in the cylinder trick on chainsaws of course they don't have valves where this 4 stroke bike does and its all put together and not wanting to take it back apart just yet. Here's a pick of the starter clutch....its done. Gonna pull the clutch cover and look for the piece that's missing missing and wash the bottom end out. Maybe its chewed up and that's what the shavings are from?
  14. Having trouble getting the flywheel bolt off. Don't have the rubber strap flywheel holder tool. Will it hurt it to put in gear and apply rear brake and hit it with a impact. I've done it on cars before but not sure on these little bearings, if its just the starter clutch I don't want to screw anything else up.
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