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  1. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

  2. Myz28u

    New Obstacles!!!

  3. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

    Marcus form River City Offroad hooked me up with a good deal on some parts. Hope to have it done soon
  4. Myz28u

    Camping Gear

    I dont back pack but before my daughter was born we used to take long weekend trips on the rivers with our kayaks. When I'm camping "lite" I use an ENO double nest hammock and associated coverings. They are light and pack well. All you need is a couple trees and your off the ground. Add a nice sleeping bag and a inflatable or pack pillow and you can have a nice little sleep system. I've slept in one down into theft 20*F area. Woke up with snow in the ground. For cooking, a small single burner back packing stove does great. I use a Coleman dual fuel single burner. Carry a small frying pan that folds up, Coleman max cook wear and some multi purpose cooking/eating utensils. The Coleman max stuff works good for cooking, boiling water or just as cups if needed. Really only practical for one person though. If you aren't hiking the Appalachian trail and aren't counting every ounce of weight then you don't need to spend big bucks on the high end name brands. They work, don't get me wrong... You just pay for the lightweight material. They still serve the same function as something that may weigh a pound more but cost half the price. Couple years ago Walmart started carrying more hiking and backpacking gear. They had a pretty good selection of affordable stuff for the weekend warrior. Hope that helps.
  5. Myz28u

    New Obstacles!!!

    Well finally conquered all three of the new obstacles. (Coming from the bottom) the first obstacle you come to is probably the toughest. It's a set of three ledges that you have to climb up. The trick is to avoid the big hole on the drives side. Falling into it will result in some damage. As you crest the top you could get hung up on the large rock that points out at your undercarriage. I wouldn't recommend trying this one if you can't self recover I/e winch. Second obstacle is pretty fun. We had a time with it the first trip. If it's wet it's tough. This time it was dry and I drove up it fairly easy. The line to take is coming in at an angle from the right side and crawling diagonally to the top. Watch the last bump at the top as it can throw you side was and get you in a nasty situation. Once your front is on the upper ledge you're gonna need some quick driving. A large rock juts out from the right and would eat a fender quickly. The last obstacle is very deceiving. It looks fairly simple but it's actually quite technical. There's lots of little rocks and the trees are really close together. Making the trail very tight. The small rocks hang you up and the large rocks require multiple turns to line up on them. Some of the bigger rocks are loose and if you barely snag one you could pull it outta the ground and get hung up. It's a definite technical section. Recommend walking the trail first or having a spotter until you know the lines.
  6. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

    Finally got the pinion nut of. It was really seized on there. Pulled locker and pinion. After disassembly it looks like just the R&P is done for. Pinion really isn't terrible. A couple small chips is really the only damage.
  7. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

    I don't think so. Still need to tear the locker apart to make sure it's ok. Yea that's the factory D30 with Ox locker and 4.56 gears.
  8. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

    Hit up Potts this past weekend. Had a good time. Conquered all the new obstacles. On the way out blew out the front end. Apparently my ring gear bolts came loose even with high temp loctite.
  9. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

    New shocks and quick discos installed. Jeep rides and handles great now.
  10. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

    Painted the wheel accents green. Ordered up some new shocks from metal cloak to better compliment my coils. The springs are stiff and the shocks are stiff so it rides fairly rough now. These should be much softer rate. Also ordered some new quick disconnects fromMC as well.
  11. Myz28u

    New Obstacles!!!

    Hey Jeepfam, we are planning for sept 12th. Couple of us are gonna head to Potts in the morning for a little fun.
  12. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

    Yea I gotta order up some gecko paint for the accent pieces
  13. Myz28u

    2012 jeep unlimited

    Found my shaking. Several tread blocks have been ripped off on different tires. I wound up swapping wheel and tires that I kept from the wife's old JK. Shakes are gone now. Not crazy about the look but they will do until I decide on my next tire and wheel setup.
  14. Myz28u

    High Lift Jack Base

    They have their place. I've used them several times before. Just have to be aware of how they work and the danger that they pose. I've never used an actual base but have used a board before. Just something o make a large enough foot print.
  15. Myz28u

    New Obstacles!!!

    Be all over them next month!