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  1. Thanks yall. I look forward to meeting some of you and doing some trails soon. Yj I'm in the Hollins area
  2. What's up everyone, I'm new here but not to the 4x4 and jeep scene around here. My names Christian and I'm from Salem but live in Roanoke now. My DD is a 04 cummins and my rigs a 98 xj with a few goodies. Looking forward to meeting some of you and doing some trail rides soon!
  3. Yeah i saw, i sadly can't go i have to work every sunday. Yeah, it was the first day of trout season i got to get on the river. I had a pretty good day fish wise. The star doesn't really mean anything. It's painted desert tan and is suppose to kinda "military themed" so we though the star and the usmc style insignia's on the fenders fit.
  4. Yeah man i got the sticker today. That sounds good to me i'll keep an eye on this thread to see when they come in.
  5. Yeah probobly. It's an 8.25 with 4.56's.
  6. Sounds good. Just lmk how and when to send the money. I sent the cash for the decal via paypal a few days ago.
  7. Do you all offer a 3xl? I'm 6'4 not alot fit's me correctly haha.
  8. Just ordered a small round decal for the xj. I'd be down for a hoodie whenever they are available also.
  9. Thanks guys,yeah a potts ride soon sounds good. It's just a 3.5 RE super ride kit,RE super flex upper and lower control arms,rough country adjustable track bar and relocater,old man emu long travel shocks and some other bs. Cut up fenders and quarters on 33's.It's spartan locked in the rear and still an open d turdy in the front.It's not much but it's capable enough offroad for me. :2thumbsup:
  10. So i've lurked here awhile and posted a few times. My names christian and i'm from salem. I have a 92 xj and post regularly on cherokeeforum and pirate. I mainly lurk here,but know of alot of locals through the other forums. If you see me around town,don't hesitate to wave and i hope to attend some local trail rides soon. I've hit just about every local trail in this rig exept for potts.
  11. Welcome from salem! Have you been up too bobblets gap yet? It's a fun yet mild trail that's pretty much local.
  12. I really hope i can get off work for this. Go ahead and count me in.

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