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  1. jeepfam

    Newbie here

    I'm a little late, but welcome to the Jeep world! I'm one of the "older" guys, so getting online and onsite is not something I do everyday. Owning a Jeep opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It really does come down to how crazy you want to get, how hard are the rocks you wanna crawl, and how much $$$ you wanna spend. Rollin a stock rig is awesome if ya just want to get a litte dirty. You wanna go big.....you've come to the right place. Ask away...and enjoy your new ride man!
  2. Next shot needs to be me crawlin one of your tires bro!
  3. jeepfam

    New JK owner

    Good stuff and welcome! You've come to the right place when talking about modification! I started off with an '08 jk and now have a '92 xj built by YJeXtreme and myself. Also done a few other small projects in my shop, but have been too lazy to post the build-up threads yet. Feel free to ask about anything you'd like to do to your jeep!
  4. Amazing what you can do with a couple wrenches and some spray-paint!!! Told ya I'd post something stupid after 4am and 6 beers bro! Seriously, its looking good man! Good to have the site back too. I was just about to take the sticker off my rig!
  5. Wow. Nice carnage! That blows man. And I was crying over my leaky front tire........I feel better now!
  6. Cool! How many rigs are going, and what time you lookin at? I actually have 4 days off, so a run is a great idea! I have your # in my phone if its still the same, so I can text ya if you want.
  7. As always, you can count on us to be there. Have a good idea on a venue, but need to make a call first. I'll also help provide music and MC if you want. Hopefully you know.....don't hesitate to ask bro!
  8. Same thing happened on my old JK too, but just the fronts had the issue. That set-up doesn't look bad.......maybe paint over the yellow to match the Jeep and it'll look cool!
  9. I have a base, have used it and it works great. They are scary, I agree, but necessary in certain circumstances. If I didn't have one, I'd still be stuck on Black Mountain! As for bolts and mounting, sorry, can't help ya there. Mine just stays tied down in the back of the XJ.
  10. Dom's XJ is an '89, hence the need for the one off of JT's MJ. I also bought an '88 parts XJ that is literally buried in high weeds, brush, and trees. We havn't been able to determine what shape its in yet. Hope to get it out in the nextfew weeks. Dom's learning how to drive in the wife's '14 Cherokee for now, but I don't want him to get used to that........for many reasons! He also has refused to drive my truck, and I have no issue with that. Not a vehicle to learn in!
  11. Yeah man! I want the pass fender off the MJ for Dom's if the parts Jeep's one is a turd!
  12. Yeah, they are legal. If you are used to the trail, you need to pay attention to where they are so you don't blow past them like I did. I remember seeing 2 of them close to the play area. Sorry, that's all I recall.
  13. How old is your kid? I understand with young ones. We would "camp" in the back yard with ours to get them kinda used to the idea. At least then if it went bad, the comforts of home were steps away, not miles! My youngest will be 17 and my oldest is 22, so I'm almost done!
  14. I think you already figured that out, but its a ride. I posted up some local "lodging" ideas, but can be more helpful if you wanna make the trip. I live about 45 mins from Potts, more like an hour with the rig on the trailer. Its definetely God's country out there!
  15. The trail closes on Jan 1 every year and re-opens the first week of April. If you guys like camping, you can camp in "the field" right on the trail, or there are campsites nearby that are a little more accomodating (ie, there's a small bath house). I'd have to check on a motel or B-n-B in New Castle for ya. Salem is about 30-40 mins away, and there are plenty of places to stay there. Not many "repair" options for anything that may go wrong though. Pack plenty of zip-ties, duct tape, ratchet straps, etc....! We have gotten quite adept at trail repair 101! Most guys that run Potts have all the tools, fluids, knowledge, and patience to get you off the trail if need be. Its always a blast!
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