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  1. But the Patriots will still win the Super Bowl. **INSERT VOMIT EMOJI** Anyways! Offroading is something I've wanted to get into for a long time, but have never taken the full leap. I got my 1st XJ about 13 years ago: a 1998 Cherokee Sport, Green, that I purchased for about $5500 off a lovely old lady who had taken great care of the vehicle. She'd be rolling over in her grave if could see it now! About 9 years ago, I added a 4.5" Rough Country lift and 32" whatevers thinking I would start doing some trails, but that thought never materialized into action because I was always too concerned about destroying my DD. So, 2 years ago, I did what anybody reasonable person would do and bought a 2nd XJ!! 2001 Cherokee Sport, Green, 5-speed! I love the 5-speed on these vehicles. So fun to drive! Now, I keep the '01 stock and will be doing all the Jeep things I've wanted to with the '98. Unfortunately for the '98, I'm slow at making decisions. First, for no other reason than I wanted to, I gutted every non-essential piece of material from the inside (including electrical... and 1/3 of the dash...). Then the doors came off, which lead to me wanting to add frame stiffeners, which would require welding, which I don't know how to do, but would try anyways, but I don't have a welder (yet!). And then I had to rob parts from the '98 for the '01 after a little run in with a VW Jetta. And then I decided I would change the head gasket and send the head off to be refurbished, but did not realize how expensive that would be and now I'm sitting on a decision (great discussion for another Topic!). So, the '98 lives on the jackstands for now and I'm here looking for inspiration to keep moving forward! As my father has all too frequently started saying at the end of all of our conversations, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks in post-advance for reading!

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