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Found 2 results

  1. Ok. So I did not see a “Rigs” or “Builds” section. So I will put some info here. My 1984 Scrambler: I had been dreaming of owning a Scrambler since 1986 when I learned to drive and first saw one. In college I had a chance to buy one but was a poor college student so..... Marriage, kids and life got in the way for a while, until I thought about Jeeps again (I had an XJ in high school and college). Bought a cheap YJ to see if I really wanted to get back into a Jeep. YES. SO i started a search for a Scrambler. I found a bunch I could not afford. I had to be able to drive it immediately so no “projects”. I found this one for a decent price in OH. Honestly, I should have kept looking. But I bought it. Fixed a few things and made it better in my opinion as I was driving it around. A few years later, I discover the frame was rotting out from the inside. Major holes. So I had to do a complete frame swap in my garage and driveway. I got a frame and built a rolling chassis in my garage. Had some friends over to move the drivetrain and then move the body
  2. Wasnt sure what to call this build to be honest. Then i remembered what it was like 18 years ago when I bought my first Jeep. I was pooring over all those Jeep catalogs thinking what I would build if i could afford all those top shelf parts I was drooling over. . . so it seemed fitting. LOL I met my friend Buddy through another forum a few years ago. Long story short he had an idea so he bought a brand new Scrambler tub and the first TDK frame. Some 6 years later, a few different shops,and alot of headache later this is what he had. Custom CJ8 with half a poison spyder catalog thrown at it. LOL 6.0 LS motor. First run ATX beadlocks with 39.5 Iroks. I gotta admit these beadlocks are impressive! Evolution offroad suspension with King coilovers. Teraflex axles front and rear. Atlas 3.8 case. Got it to my shop Friday started working on a very LONG list an sorting through boxes of parts. Game plan is just about there. Had a pretty productive day today and had a great time doing it. Some friends stopped by to check it out and lend a hand even my younger brother got dirty today. LOL Going over the frame finishing fabbing brackets,welding,acessing hardware,fuel lines etc. My to do list is 4 pages long and growing but this should be a fun build! Later Sean
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