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1997 Grand Cherokee ZJ Partout


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I'll be parting out a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 302,300 on the clock. 4.0 Automatic, NP242. Runs and drives great. I'll be keeping the proportioning valve and some electrical harnesses to the brake lights. Upholstery is in great shape, Wheels and Tires in good shape, plenty of tread left. Will be a few weeks before I get to start stripping it.


- Wheels - SOLD
- Tires - SOLD
- Front Driveshaft - SOLD
- Proportioning Valve - SOLD
- Right Tail light - SOLD
- Right Tail Light Wiring Harness - SOLD
- Engine - SOLD
- Transmission - SOLD
- Transfer Case - SOLD
- Rear Hatch Lift Shocks - SOLD


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Are those 15 or 16 inch wheels?  I might can use some dash parts and vents to fix the wifes. Let me know when I can look at it. This weekend my sister and me have to try to close my mothers house out and get it ready to sell. But I dont work so I'm available anytime.

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