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exploded 10 bolt. 35 inch tires, open diff


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was running the hogback ridge trail in bland county and this happened to me. was in two wheel drive, little bit of wheelspin in the hole and when i came out the backside and hit solid ground, THUMP...crunch crunch bang...out pop the axles.




the carrier split in half so the center pin dropped out, which in turn let the c clips fall out, and then out popped the axle shafts. the first idea of a fix was to cut a wedge of wood and drive it in there but that didn't work so I used mechanics wire to wire the c clips back to the axle shafts and then drove a piece of the broken carrier in between the side gears to keep everything pushed out. here is what that mess looked like...it allowed me to limp off the mountain using the front axle and get a trailer to get home.





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Wow! Those old welds looked like cottage freakin cheese! Yours look much better! Sad part is is that someone was proud of the original work. Unreal.


I do agree with you. Very poor craftsmanship and very unsafe.

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